Urine Sample Collection Cup

The discreet and handy pop-up urine collection cup is supplied flat-packed,

The urine collection cup is simple and quick to assemble, simply press with finger and thumb in the marked areas and the the 3D cup locks into position. The wide (50mm) aperture makes it easier to collect the sample reducing spillages and the square design of the cup provides a natural and accurate pouring spout for decanting into the final urine storage or transport container.

The design reduces the opportunity for crushing/cracking during the delivery and collection process, thus increasing the potential for return of usable sample.

Manufactured from card lined with a waterproof plastic sleeve, the maximum fill capacity is 60ml, and the collection cup measures 50 x 50 x 80mm (w x d x h) in its fully opened 3D shape.

Ideal for Point of Care Diagnostic Kits, Clinical trials, Sample Collection Kits, or anywhere there is a need to collect a urine sample.