Controlled Drug Denature Kits

Manage Waste Medicines: Easily, Safely, Effectively

saferdenature™ - Simple, easy to use Controlled Drug Denature Kit to render CDs irretrievable for onward disposal in pharmaceutical waste.


Saferdenature Controlled Drug Denature Kits are an easy way to safely dispose of waste Controlled Drugs, as defined by the Misuse of Drugs Act 2001, rendering them irretrievable before disposal.  Controlled drugs can include opiates (morphine, methadone, pethidine), ketamine, temazepam, barbiturates and cannabis-based medicines which are at risk of being diverted and misused if not safely denatured to prevent their recovery or reuse.

Controlled Drugs in need of disposal may present as:

  • Returned drugs no longer required by a patient

  • Residual or waste drug, for example when only part of an ampoule has been administered to the patient

  • Out of date drug stocks


Safer Options Controlled Drugs denature kits are simple and easy to use.

Full instructions appear on every container so there is no pack insert to get lost, especially when splitting up multipacks for use in separate locations.

  • The waste medicines – tablets, liquids, patches etc. are placed in the jar with the water soluble sachet of denaturing formula.

  • Water is then added to the designated level and the jar closed and shaken to mix the denaturing formula with the water and controlled drugs.

  • The denaturing formula congeals and denatures the drugs in a couple of minutes and the kit can then be placed in a secure pharmaceutical waste container prior to incineration.

  • The formula has been developed to have a very bitter taste as an additional deterrent to anyone trying to retrieve material from the used kits. After 48 hours the jar can be placed in in pharmaceutical waste.

Whether looking for a solution to be used on-ward, in theatre, pharmacy, on-call bag or the care home; Saferdenature Kits are a great first step for safe and compliant disposal of obsolete pharmaceuticals (DOOP). Available in six container volumes and a range of pack sizes to suit your working needs.


  • Denatures CDs prior to disposal as required to comply with legislation

  • Denaturing formula contained in sachet to protect against spillage

  • Easy to use with instructions on every kit

  • Denaturing formula has a bitter taste as additional deterrent

  • Used kits can be placed in a pharmaceutical bin ready for incineration

  • Range of volumes to suit working needs 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 4L

  • Large volume disposal kit available 20L

  • 250ml kit produced using post-consumer recycled plastic to help meet sustainability targets

  • Safer Options Controlled Drugs denature kits are manufactured in the UK


Saferdenature kits provide an effective way for healthcare providers from all sectors, including dentists, to compliantly manage controlled drug disposal.

How should Dentists prescribe, store, order and dispose of controlled drugs?
Guidelines for Dentists - provided by UK Medicines Information

Veterinary Use

Vets involved in prescribing, supplying, keeping records of, storing, disposing or destroying veterinary medicines that contain controlled drugs (CDs) must also comply with the law on the misuse of drugs and veterinary medicines. This includes the destruction of CDs by denaturing to render them irretrievable prior to disposal.

‘Controlled Drugs (CDs) should be rendered irretrievable before disposal, e.g. by using a denaturing kit’

Veterinary Medicines Directorate – Guidance on Controlled drugs: recording, using, storing and disposal