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Assay Kits & ELISAs

Assay Kits and ELISAs

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  • ELISAs


    Quantifying biochemistry analytes plays an important part in both biomedical research and clinical diagnosis. Our range of assay kits and ELISAs for popular chemistry parameters and disease markers can be performed easily in the laboratory.
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  • LabAssay Kits

    LabAssay Kits

    The microvolume LabAssay range of colorimetric-enzymatic assays is designed to be performed manually in a microtitre plate format to minimise sample volume requirement with most assays requiring as little as 2µl of sample (20µl for ALP).
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  • gRAD DIY Rapid Assay Development Kits

    gRAD DIY Rapid Assay Development Kits

    The generic Rapid Assay Device (gRAD) from BioPorto facilitates fast and easy DIY development of a fully customised qualitative or semi quantitative lateral flow assay.
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