Petri Dishes

All Petri Dishes are aseptically manufactured under clean room conditions (class 7 ISO14644) to exclude microbiological contamination.

Petri Dishes are available in three different sizes with single, triple or non-vented formats :

  • Triple vented - Aids gaseous exchange and are ideally suited for short term work
  • Single vented - Limits gaseous exchange, minimises evaporation and dehydration making them well suited for long term work
  • Non-vented - Most suitable for anaerobic and long term work
  • 90mm petri dishes - Ideal for use in automatic plate pourers (In vitro use only)
  • 35mm petri dishes - Ideal for use when savings in media or incubator space are required
  • 100mm petri dishes - A non-compartmentalised dish which is ideal for antibiotic sensitivity testing when a large surface area and very flat base are required