Thermal Cyclers

High Performance Instrumentation

Whatever your thermal cycling requirements, there is a Bioer instrument to suit your needs.

For its range of PCR equipment Alpha Laboratories has partnered with Bioer Technology Ltd. Bioer was founded by the Ferrotec Corporation Tokyo Japan - the world leader in the manufacture of Peltier elements. Its Peltier technology forms the heart of many leading thermal cyclers throughout the world and it is now one of the largest suppliers of PCR equipment globally.

Thermal Cyclers from Bioer have a fine pedigree that provides easy to use advanced instrumentation you can rely on for quality PCR results.

  • Driven by advanced Peltier technology from the world’s leading manufacturer.

  • Precise and rapid temperature control for accurate PCR and quality results.

  • Intuitive software and large LCD display for set-up in seconds.


The brand-new GeneExplorer thermal cycler is a PCR machine of multiple functions and applications.

This smart thermal cycler has a sleek and stylish modern design and is packed with features which make it an excellent tool for PCR in fields including immunology, human genome engineering, forensic pathology, oncology, organisation and population biology, palaeontology, zoology and botany.


GeneTouch™ is the flagship cycler in the Bioer range offering the maximum flexibility that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

With 5 interchangeable blocks, 2 modes of temperature control, incremental/decremental time setting, and much more, this cycler is suitable for a multitude of PCR applications and incubations.


The GeneQ™ Thermal Cycler combines a superior performance, compact structure, a user-friendly interface and reliable results in one machine.

For a thermal cycler of this class it provides outstanding performance in its ramping speed, temperature control, accuracy and uniformity of the block.