Mailing Bags and Envelopes for Road Transport

When a 95kPa primary container is used with SpeciSafe secondary packaging, the system meets the “rigid” requirements of the UN3373 regulations, hence only an outer flexible envelope is required to mail items by road.

These flexible envelopes are made from lightweight polyethylene and used together with SpeciSafe can help to minimise postage costs, enabling many sample packages to be mailed at large letter rather than parcel rates.

Off-the-Shelf or Customised for You

Combining SpeciSafe packaging with the primary sample containers and UN3373 labelled envelopes provides a convenient and complete solution. SpeciSafe and envelopes can even be customised (except SH1200) with labels to include your required address. Ideal for clinical trials packs etc.  Contact us to discuss your needs and obtain a quotation.