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Recycle Your Non-Hazardous Laboratory Plastic

Alpha Laboratories offers a recycling programme for non-hazardous plastics for its UK based customers*.
Turn your used laboratory plastics back into something equally useful while reducing the environmental impact of plastic manufacturing.


It's easy to register, the service is free of charge and you'll be doing your 'bit' towards easing the environmental cost of science.

Simply complete the recycling form below, or phone us FREE on 0800 387732. Alternatively please email: [email protected]

Please note this scheme only operates in the UK for goods purchased from Alpha Laboratories. A decontamination certificate is required for each bag and can be downloaded here.

*At the moment we are unable to provide the recycling service in the following postcodes: CT, HS, IV, LL, KW, NR, PH, west SA, TN, ZE, as our recycling provider does not have a regular collection in those areas. We are working towards a solution and hope to have something in place soon.

Your Recycling Questions Answered....

  • Question 1
    How does the recycling scheme work?

    Very simply, you sign up for the programme (complete the form below). We send you the recycling bags, which you fill with appropriate non-hazardous plastics. When they are full, give us a call or email us and we'll arrange collection. A completed decontamination certificate is required with each bag returned. Download your decontamination certificate here

  • Question 2
    What can be recycled?

    We can recycle high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polycarbonate (PC) We can't handle or recycle hazardous materials, so please do not place any contaminated plastics in the bag.

  • Question 3
    What happens at the recycling centre?

    The plastics are rinsed to remove any paper labels or stickers and then finely ground and melted.The plastic at this stage is then mixed with plastic residues from recycled printer cartridges, which make all the plastic black. The molten plastic falls through a sieve and is rapidly cooled to form small plastic beads.

  • Question 4
    ......and what does it come back as?

    The recycled plastic beads are then used by various production facilities in the manufacture of new plastic products, such as plant pots and toys, black drainage pipes, traffic cones, bottles and wheelie bins.

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