96-Well Microtitre Plates

The 96-well standard format well plate is available in three surface types including non-treated, immunological, and cell culture surfaces.

The microplates are manufactured out of a single piece of polystyrene, in transparent, white or black (solid or transparent bottom). The standard format well plates are manufactured with a “chimney well” design to help eliminate carryover and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Four distinct bottom shapes:

  • U-Bottom: Round-shaped well bottom. As wells with this bottom have no edges, they are well suited or stirring and washing of samples.
  • V-Bottom: Conically-shaped well bottom. Sample recovery is maximized with this bottom shape. For this reason, plates with V-bottom are especially suited for precipitation assays and storage.
  • F-Bottom: Flat well bottom. The F-bottom is designed for precise optical measurements and is well suited for colorimetric determinations as well as microscopy applications. Additionally, the F-bottom is used for specific applications such as cell culture.
  • C-bottom: Flat bottom with curved edges. The C-bottom combines the advantages of U-bottom and F-bottom.

Lids available for the non-sterile plates, all sterile plates come with lids.

96-Well Plates Standard Surface

BRANDplates® are available in two non-treated variants, pureGrade™ and pureGrade™ S.

96-Well cellGrade Culture Plates

Three difference plate surfaces - cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus and cellGrade™ premium - to allow optimum binding between the microplate and specific cell lines.

96-Well inertGrade Culture Plates

inertGrade™ plates have a sterile, cell repellent surface, assisting in reduced cell adhesion, protein adsorption and keeps enzyme activation and cellular activation to a minimum.

96-Well Plates High Binding

This range of BRANDplates® microplates for immunoassays provide optimal surfaces for immunoassays as they are characterised by their high specificity and affinity.