Sample Transport Packaging

Consumables for Sample Transport

SpeciSafe® unique ultra-absorbent, time saving & cost-effective secondary packaging for commonly used vials, plus versatile Biological Sample Mailing Solutions which all ensure UN3373 regulations compliance.

Whether for medical diagnostic purposes, clinical trials or research, getting patient specimens and other biologically hazardous samples safely from their source to the laboratory can be problematic. SpeciSafe® Packs, Mail Tuff envelopes and the new versatile Biological Sample Mailing Packaging systems provide a safe, convenient and economical solution for P650 packaging instructions and UN3373 compliance.

Transport tubes, autoclavable bags and slide mailers are also available.

95kPa Pouches
95kPa Flexible Secondary Pouches are the ideal solution for transporting sample containers where the pressure resistance is either unknown or not certified to be 95kPa compliant.
Absorbent Sheets and Pouches for Sample Packaging
These super absorbent sheets can be used with all types of packaging to help meet UN3373 regulations.
Complete Mailing Systems
These systems meet the UN3373 P650 packaging instruction and offer a complete solution for sample containers which do not fit into any of the SpeciSafe range, or where the primary container is not 95kPa compliant.
Labels and Seals
Labels and seals can be purchased to add to your own packaging solutions which comply with the UN3373 regulations.
Mailing Bags and Envelopes
Padded or polythene envelopes for secure transportation of samples. Fully compliant with UN3373.
Medical Specimen Collection Containers
MedDXTAINER Medical Sample Carriers are a popular choice with medical couriers and hospital transport.
Rigid Outer Sample Transport Boxes
These are the same boxes as used in the Complete Mailing System, available for purchase separately.
SpeciSafe® UN3373 Compliant Mailing Packs
SpeciSafe® is a unique, easy-to-use and cost-effective packaging solution for convenient transport of Category B biological samples and patient specimens in accordance with UN3373 regulations and P650 packaging instructions.
Specimen Transport Bags
Keep samples and reports securely together using our Grip seal specimen bags with attached separate document wallet.
Insulated Shipping Boxes
These handy insulated shipper boxes are ideal for keeping samples cool during overnight transport.