Quantum Blue® Rapid Testing

A rapid, quantitative testing platform for lower throughput requirements.

If you need rapid results or your Calprotectin test request number is too low to achieve a reasonable turn around time using an ELISA or turbidimetric method, Alpha Laboratories offers the simple to use Quantum Blue® system that provides a comprehensive, low cost, entry-level Calprotectin testing platform.

Quantum Blue can be used for applications in point of care, clinic or laboratory settings.

We also further support you with a comprehensive range of compatible sample collection, handling and extraction products.


When testing volumes are low or a rapid indication of the calprotectin level is required, the Quantum Blue makes an excellent solution that can be performed in either the clinic or the laboratory setting:

The Quantum Blue® rapid test combines the ease and speed of lateral flow technology (using a highly specific monoclonal antibody to calprotectin), with full quantitation by means of a small, dedicated reading device.

The Quantum Blue® reader analyses the signal intensity from the test and control line to give a quantitative value and is standardised with the BÜHLMANN fCAL® ELISA and turbo assays.

This diagnostic tool enables a rapid gatekeeper strategy based on calprotectin levels in patient stool samples to support the physician’s decision on whether to prepare patients for colonoscopy or to treat them for the symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It is suitable when true quantitation is required but in a low sample throughput environment making it ideal for Point of Care and clinic use.

It is also an ideal solution for private gastroenterology clinics enabling discussions to take place on an appropriate investigative or treatment pathways immediately (IBS or IBD), alleviating anxiety and meeting patient expectations of immediate results from private consultation.

  • Can be used in spoke settings to support clinical decision making when a rapid result is required

  • Can be used to help triage endoscopy lists


Why Use Quantum Blue Calprotectin?

  • Provides a quantitative measurement of calprotectin in
    faecal samples

  • Simple and rapid extraction and test process

  • Results within 15 minutes

  • Used with a small dedicated reader with touch screen and unilateral connectivity to LIMs

  • Excellent correlation with the EK-CAL Calprotectin ELISA

  • Based on established lateral flow technology

  • No need for batch testing – cassettes are individually packaged

  • Results directly printable or downloadable to USB

  • New QB III reader has touch screen data input and can be linked to the LIMs system so that results can go into the
    electronic patient record

  • Two kit formats available dependent on test range required:

    • Quantum Blue® fCAL High Range (LF-CHR25) – measurable range 100-1800µg/g

    • Quantum Blue® fCAL Extended Range (LF-CALE25) – measurable range 30-1000µg/g

“This rapid bedside test can facilitate clinical decisions on hospital admission, such as deciding whether the IBD treatment should be intensified. Similarly, in the ambulatory setting, it is crucial when determining whether a patient should undergo endoscopy or not”

Moniuszko et al., Polish Archives of Internal Medicine 2017