Modifying Agents

A range a culture additives to modify, promote or help maintain cell growth.

These include the enhancement of cellular reprogramming efficiency, maintaining an undifferentiated state, inducing/inhibiting phosphorylation, cell staining and stimulating self-proliferation.

Rho-associated coiled-coil forming kinase (ROCK) inhibitors are often supplemented in stem cell cultures as they have shown to improve plating efficiency and cell survival rate. ROCK inhibitors block RhoA and ROCK pathway binding by altering the conformation of the protein, preventing ATP phosphorylation. 

The use of CultureSure® Small Molecules are a well-founded method in clinical applications. Small Molecules have a high cell permeability due to their low molecular weight, making them extremely useful in mediating cell signalling pathways. Additionally, they have been mycoplasma tested and display low cytotoxicity levels.