Sustainable Manufacturing and Solutions

Many of our laboratory products are designed with their full life cycle in mind

The product development process evaluates quality, performance, environmental impact and sustainable end-of-life solutions.

There is no other material that has transformed the world as dramatically over the last century as plastic. Plastic consumables play a vital part in science, medical research, and healthcare.

Without them we wouldn’t have the knowledge, technologies, products, and medicines we all rely on.

Unfortunately, the durability of these products has caused a significant number of environmental issues, resulting in high levels of pollution and as most plastics are made with a form of fossil fuels, there is a heavy reliance on availability and access to maintain manufacturing.

We work closely with suppliers to source products that are manufactured in a manner that seeks to reduce emissions and plastics as much as possible.

Customers and Suppliers

Improving the sustainability of and reducing the wider environmental impact of our value chain is key to achieving Net Zero Carbon status.

Sustainable Procurement

99% of our carbon footprint currently is attributed to procurement. We will prepare a sustainable procurement policy for upstream goods – to ensure the most environmentally friendly products and services are procured.

Read our Sustainable and Ethical Procurement Policy

Streamlined Supply Chain

We will engage with our suppliers and inform them of our People Planet, Culture and Net Zero Carbon commitments to bring them on-board with our ambition in these areas.

Sustainable Solutions

We will explore opportunities for reducing the carbon footprint of our products by conducting lifecycle assessments of our top selling products.

Sustainable Solutions

Our leading pipette tips and centrifuge tubes are manufactured in a facility that has taken action to operate with minimal environmental impact. It uses a rooftop solar power array, energy efficient moulding machines and a closed-loop water cooling system. The internal recycling programme results in zero plastic waste and E-beam sterilisation produces no radioactive waste.

Fastrak® Tip Refill System

Fastrak is Probably the Most Eco-friendly Tip Rack Refill System in the World. Giving you a green choice without compromise.

Manufacturing of our Fastrak® pipette tips, ZAP™ filter tips, SuperClear and APEX large volume centrifuge tubes:

Infographic Data Supplied by Labcon

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