Robotic Tips for Automated Liquid Handling

Tips for automated workstations are subject to stricter tolerances than standard pipette tips. Alpha robotic tips are engineered to the exact specification of the instruments for which they are designed.

They are manufactured from medical grade, virgin polypropylene and undergo rigorous QC testing to assure you of the highest levels of purity and performance.

Tips for Beckman Biomek®/Multimek® Workstations

This range has been developed for the Biomek® and Multimek™ workstations fitted with the AP96 liquid handling head. Superior polished moulds result in flash-free tips with minimal liquid retention.

Tips for Qiagen Workstations

These tips are designed for the following workstations: Qiagen Biorobots: Model 3000, 8000, 9600, 9604, Rosys, Colibri and QIAgility (formerly Corbett CAS-1200).

Tips for Tecan/Packard/PerkinElmer Workstations

These tips easily dispense small volumes with very high precision. Both conductive (black) and non-conductive (natural) options are available.