Our Commitment to Net Zero

Alpha Laboratories is committed to achieving
operational Net Zero Carbon emissions
(Scope 1 and Scope 2), by 2040 or sooner.

The company is also focused on reaching Net Zero Carbon for its broader organisational emissions (Scope 3), by 2045 or sooner.

We are focusing on our direct emissions sources and actively engaging with our wider supply chain to understand, measure and develop meaningful emissions reductions targets in line with our Net Zero Target.

With the commitment to reaching operational Net Zero by 2040, Alpha Laboratories has already taken steps towards this goal. We have conducted energy efficiency audits across our site and our transport fleet to identify opportunities to improve the sustainability of our operations and reduce emissions.

These audits have already led to the implementation of several measures and the development of strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint across our operations.

Alpha Laboratories will focus on improving the energy efficiency of its buildings, the efficiency of its vehicle fleet, the reduction of waste and material consumption, to become operationally Net Zero by 2040.

Alpha Laboratories' Carbon Reduction Projects Include:

  • Retrofit/ Office Refurbishment
    Replacement of standard roofing with advanced roofing system which provides greatly improved insulation
    Installation of additional sky lights to reduce the need for artificial lighting, and upgrade to LED lighting

  • Business Travel
    Replacement of all diesel vehicles with hybrid and electric alternatives
    Review the need and methods of business travel, utilising sustainable alternatives where practical

  • Waste Disposal
    Review all existing materials and packaging, and reduce and replace where possible with more sustainable alternatives
    Reduced the reliance on paper by making processes electronic

  • Renewable Energy
    Harness renewable energy through installation of solar panels
    This will help to reduce our reliance on carbon intensive electricity generated by the National Grid

  • Refrigerant Gases
    Continue to monitor and maintain systems to minimise refrigerant gases releases
    Review opportunities to replace existing gases with gases with lower global warming potential (GWP)

  • Operational Gas Use
    Long term goal to replace gas boilers with heat pumps