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What's New for the Laboratory World?

  • NEW Issue of LabVantage Laboratory Newsletter 2-2018

    NEW Issue of LabVantage Laboratory Newsletter 2-2018

    Read our latest issue of LabVantage for amazing savings including up to 30% off mLINE Pipettes, Drummond Microdispensers and Microplates. Plus, introductory offers on our new RollMate™ range!

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  • Laboratree - Tips for Trees

    Laboratree - Tips for Trees

    Alpha's Laboratree scheme for users of Fastrak® environmentally friendly pipette tips has now planted over 1000 trees . Join now for free to get a unique combination of green benefits and help sustainability in UK woodlands..

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  • Supplies for Schools

    Supplies for Schools

    Alpha Laboratories has been specified on the UK OCR Science projects curriculum for schools to supply a range of consumables for laboratory practical classes. See the detail here.

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  • Complete Solutions for Safe Sample Transport

    Complete Solutions for Safe Sample Transport

    Packaging biological hazardous samples to comply with UN3373 regulations can be a demanding task requiring multiple wrapping materials.. Here's a solution.

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  • Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips

    Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips

    Compared to other tip refill systems, Fastrak® is smaller, lighter and has less packaging. It reduces waste, saves time and helps you lower your carbon footprint.

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  • Get Compliant with New UN3373 Training

    Get Compliant with New UN3373 Training

    Learn how to meet your responsibilities and ensure legal compliance for biopackaging by attending an Alpha Laboratories Sample Transport Seminar.

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  • Great Pipetting at a Great Price

    Great Pipetting at a Great Price

    Do you need new pipettes but are restricted by available budget? We have just the solution for you. You'll be amazed at the quality and pipetting performance you can get at such an affordable price with the new alpha+ pipettes.

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  • Pipetting Academy™

    Pipetting Academy™

    Training for Better Pipetting Performance, Ergonomics and Safety. Now with Essentials and Advanced Programmes to best suit your needs. Seminars, videos and practical activities delivered by technical experts.

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  • Custom Designed Consumables

    Custom Designed Consumables

    Did you know that we can help you with various options and customised production for a variety of components for diagnostic and laboratory kit manufacturer?

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  • Pastette® Resin Source Change

    Pastette® Resin Source Change

    From the second quarter of 2018 we will be utilising a newly sourced Low Density Polyethylene resin for the manufacture of our Pastettes. Follow the link to find out more about this change.

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Latest Clinical Diagnostic Developments

  • Help Patients Provide Better Samples

    Help Patients Provide Better Samples

    Ensuring minimum fuss, easy specimen sampling and preventing contamination with toilet water and chemicals, the simple Fe-Col paper loop is an economical way to make faecal collection more convenient and testing more controlled.

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  • Turbocharge Your Calprotectin Testing

    Turbocharge Your Calprotectin Testing

    With the introduction of NICE DG11, requests for faecal calprotectin tests have escalated. The new BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo, open access high throughput assay keeps up with demand.

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  • A Cost Effective Alternative to Colonoscopy

    A Cost Effective Alternative to Colonoscopy

    NICE DG30 - How Does This Impact Your Clinical Practice?
    Find out the latest views on Faecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) for symptomatic testing for bowel disease.

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  • Supporting New Standards of Care for IBD

    Supporting New Standards of Care for IBD

    IBDoc® is the first CE marked Calprotectin Home Test. It provides a practical way for more frequent monitoring of patients in the privacy of their own home.

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  • Clinical Chemistry from A-Z

    Clinical Chemistry from A-Z

    From ACE to Zinc we have an extensive range of Clinical Chemistry assays, calibrators, standards and controls from the highest quality manufacturers. Check out the full range.

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  • <i>New</i> Issue of Leading Edge

    New Issue of Leading Edge

    Read the latest diagnostic newsletter with case studies on calprotectin home and laboratory testing, the launch of a new ELISA for a Bladder Cancer marker, and we celebrate 25 years of Precision BioLogic with a look at their work with the World Haemophilia Federation.

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  • Focus on FIT

    Focus on FIT

    Read about recent progress, practical case studies and the latest thinking on the use of Faecal Immunochemical Testing for both Screening and Symptomatic Testing for colorectal cancer

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  • Easy Allergy Testing without the Risk

    Easy Allergy Testing without the Risk

    Read all about the BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® assay in the new Basophil Activation Test Brochure. Offers a safe and simple in vitro alternative to traditional allergy testing.

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Specialist Reagents to Support Your Research

  • Time Out for ³²P Kinase Assays

    Time Out for ³²P Kinase Assays

    Phos-tag™ is revolutionising the study of protein phosphorylation. Its binding is selective for phosphate groups enabling it to replace conventional radioisotopes and enzyme immunoassay in traditional detection protocols.

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  • Anti-iba1 Microglial Marker

    Anti-iba1 Microglial Marker

    Iba-1 (ionised calcium binding adaptor molecule 1) is a specific marker for macrophages and microglia cells. We have antibodies for immunohistochemistry and western blotting.

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  • Create Your Own Immunoassays

    Create Your Own Immunoassays

    Setting up your own high quality, customised immunoassay solutions quick, easy and more cost-effective with BioPorto distinctive, top-quality, pre-matched capture and detection antibody pairs.

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  • Research Reagents and Kits Literature

    Research Reagents and Kits Literature

    We have a wide range of brochures detailing the applications areas of our Research reagents and Kits. Click the link below to download literature for the various ranges.

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  • Perfecting Your Transfection

    Perfecting Your Transfection

    ScreenFectA, is a new multipurpose cationic lipid transfection reagent combining high transfection efficiency with low cell toxicity.

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  • Don't Let the Frost Bite

    Don't Let the Frost Bite

    Cell cultures are valuable research assets that need to be protected during cold storage and revival. BAMBANKER™ and StemSure cryoprotectant media maximise cell recovery.

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  • Variability Free IgE

    Variability Free IgE

    The unique IgE preparations from BioPorto are the only commercially available human monoclonal IgE antibody. They eliminate the problem of the batch to batch variability and ensure very high reproducibility.

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  • Nephrotoxicity: Rapid Identity During Drug Development

    Nephrotoxicity: Rapid Identity During Drug Development

    Establishing safety of new drug candidates remains a major challenge at every stage of the development process. NGAL is a biomarker that rapidly identifies Acute Kidney Injury.

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In Fond Memory

  • David Giles: 1938 - 2018

    David Giles: 1938 - 2018

    Its is with our greatest sympathies that we wish to announce that David Giles, Chairman of Alpha Laboratories Ltd. passed away on 9th May 2018.
    As a founding member of the company over 42 years ago he leaves a legacy of a respected and successful family business that was and continues to be passionate about finding new ways to help science improve people's lives.

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