LabAssay Kits

The microvolume LabAssay™ range of colorimetric-enzymatic assays is designed to be performed manually in a microtitre plate format to minimise sample volume requirement with most assays requiring as little as 2µl of sample.

The LabAssay™ range of assays is perfect for diabetes and metabolism research projects where sample volumes are limited and can be used with both human and mouse samples.  Assays can also be used in a macro format using a cuvette and spectrophotometer.

Included in the LabAssay™ range:

  • LabAssay™ Glucose
  • LabAssay™ Phospholipid
  • LabAssay™ Triglycerides
  • LabAssay™ Alkaline Phosphatase
  • LabAssay™ Cholesterol
  • LabAssay™ Creatinine
LabAssay&#8482 ALP
LabAssay™ ALP
Pack Size: 1
LabAssay&#8482 Cholesterol
LabAssay&#8482 Creatinine
LabAssay&#8482 Glucose
LabAssay™ Glucose
Pack Size: 1
LabAssay&#8482 Phospholipid
LabAssay&#8482 Triglyceride