Custom Made Sample Collection and Transport Kits

Kits can be designed for your specific application
and tailored to you and your user's needs

Alpha Laboratories develops kits to meet your sample collection and transport requirements, containing everything required for collection of the specimen, plus a simple intuitive solution for sample return. All components are presented in smart bespoke packaging, designed to enhance your company’s image and minimise transportation costs.

Trusting Alpha Laboratories with your regulatory compliant, medical sample collection
kit production, enables you to free up more of your organisation’s
valuable time and resources, therefore reducing overall costs.

Bespoke Design

The sleeve around the sample transport kit box can be designed to your desired specifications.

This can include your own branding, colours and styling as required.

This allows you to grow your brand and your business.

Capillary Blood Collection Kits

Providing a complete regulatory compliant solution

Alpha Solutions: At Home kits are designed for the collection and safe transport of capillary blood samples for laboratory testing, diagnosis and follow up. Capillary blood samples collected at a patient’s home, or in point of care scenarios, using these kits, are suitable for a variety of tests.

The functionality of these kits has been rigorously tested with patient experience in mind to bring a user-friendly, straightforward means of collecting and sending patient samples through the mail.

Advantages for healthcare providers:

Advantages for end-users:

  • Patients can use these kits themselves to collect and return capillary blood, decreasing phlebotomy costs

  • Patient pathways are enhanced as the strain on phlebotomy services is minimised, shortening wait

    times for patients

  • Instances of hospital acquired infections for at riskpatients are reduced, with these kits suitable for

    mailing and return

  • Since no phlebotomy appointment is required, samples are returned to laboratories faster, meaning patients have their results sooner

  • Only small amounts of blood are required, reducing issues associated with blood loss in vulnerable or at-risk patients

  • Collection is simple, swift, and relatively painless causing less discomfort and anxiety

  • Patients can bypass phlebotomy wait times and perform sample collection themselves

  • The sample can be collected in the comfort of the patient’s own home

  • Perfect for vulnerable, frail or mobility impaired patients

Sample Types

The process of developing your sample collection and transport kit begins with us understanding your unique requirements, largely, what type of sample you need to collect, who will collect the sample, and how it will be transported.

Whether your kit needs to fit through a mailbox, or be transported via road transit or air, we can develop kits for a range of sample types, including but not limited to:

  • Capillary blood

  • Venous blood

  • Blood spots

  • Urine

  • Stool

  • Saliva/cheek cells

  • Semen

UKCA Marked

Any kit containing an in vitro Diagnostic Medical device must be UKCA marked.

The purpose of this regulation is to ensure that products placed on the market in Great Britain conform to the current legislation.

Alpha Laboratories’ kits are UKCA marked, demonstrating that all components are fit for purpose and meet health and safety requirements

UN3373, ADR P650 compliant

UN3373 regulations describe how biological samples should be transported safely and securely. Biological specimens transported through the mail must adhere to P650 Packaging Instructions.

Alpha Laboratories’ kits contain all components for complete, convenient, and robust compliance to these instructions, ensuring safe and simple sample transport.

For more information on how to achieve compliance please contact us or explore the resources at:

If you urgently require a complete kit for transporting biological samples with UN3373 compliance, our off-the shelf kits offer an immediate solution, containing all the necessary packaging materials for a wide range of sample types.

Available in a range of sizes, with an option for an insulated pack, simply pick the one which matches your requirements best.
These sample collection kits are supplied flat packed to minimise storage requirements.

Complete Mailing Systems for Road Transport

Complete Mailing Systems for Air Transport (IATA)