(Polymerase Chain Reaction)

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a fast and inexpensive technique used to copy small segments of DNA to amplify the quantity available for molecular and genetic analyses.

Once amplified, the DNA produced by PCR can be used in many different laboratory procedures such as genome mapping. It is also valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, detection of bacteria or viruses (particularly AIDS and most recently corona viruses), and diagnosis of genetic disorders.

Alpha Laboratories has a vast range of quality PCR Equipment and Consumables that ensure consistent results.

PCR Consumables

The importance of high quality microplates and PCR consumables should not be underestimated. They can have a significant effect on the reaction speed, consistency of results, robustness, product yield, fidelity and specificity of the reaction.

Whether you choose individual PCR tubes, strip tubes or plates from Alpha Laboratories, you can rest assured that the ultra thin walls ensure efficient thermal transfer and inhibitor-free certification means no assay interference. 

Our extensive range of plate sealing options gives you everything you need for PCR, short or long term storage, manual or automation accessibility.

PCR Plates

PCR Tubes and Caps

Plate Sealing

PCR Equipment

Equipping your laboratory with reliable high performance instrumentation will help maximise productivity and performance and minimise down time.

Our focus is on quality, ensuring maximum yields and reproducible results.

Thermal Cyclers

High Performance Instrumentation

Whatever your thermal cycling requirements, there is a Bioer instrument to suit your needs.

PCR Workstation UV Cabinet and Accessories

You can eliminate contamination from your PCR reactions and other molecular biology applications with Alpha Laboratories' PCR Workstations, and save time, money and valuable samples.