PCR Workstation UV Cabinet

Prevent PCR Contamination

Eliminate contamination from your PCR reactions and other molecular biology applications with Alpha Laboratories' PCR Workstation, and save time, money and valuable samples.


The PCR Workstation has a large working area with excellent visibility for setting up your PCR reactions, without having to worry about contamination.

The cabinet efficiently denatures nucleic acids whilst you work by UV irradiating all the air passing through the filter. Once finished you can irradiate the whole cabinet for a set period of time, ensuring your working area is free from any nucleic acids which may cause false positives in your reactions.

The powerful UV lights on the cabinets denature nucleic acids in 5 to 30 minutes making them unsuitable for amplification. The cabinet incorporates safety features to prevent user exposure to UV light. The UV lights themselves are timer controlled and there are safety switches on the cabinet’s doors, which turn off the UV lights when opened. The white light provides excellent visibility when working within the cabinets.


  • Efficient decontamination during use by radiation of the air with 254nm UV light in the UV -recirculator. The user is protected from direct UV light

  • 25m 3/h air flow exchange for maximum aseptic conditions inside the PCR Workstation

  • Efficient decontamination of the working area by direct 254nm light (may not be operated during use of the PCR Workstation)

  • LED time controller of UV exposure

  • White light lamp for illumination of the working area

  • Compact table top model

  • Box made from acrylic glass. Top and working area made from powder coated steel

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 690 x 515 565 mm

Customer Testimonial

Acquiring the PCR Workstation was one of a number of steps taken by the team at Southmead Hospital towards a solution.

Since using the Workstation, they are delighted to report their PCR experiments have remained free from contamination.

For Rachel Aitken at Southmead Hospital, the answer was an Alpha PCR Workstation. The Workstation is equipped with UV light to denature any DNA that may be present, ensuring it doesn’t contaminate the PCR process.

Rachel explains the benefits this has brought at Southmead:

"We have been performing PCR on genomic DNA for research purposes. We use dedicated kits from various sources, and we also have some methods designed wholly within the laboratory. But we had been experiencing some contamination issues which forced us to try and find a solution.

We evaluated a couple of products and found the Alpha PCR Workstation ideal, because it provided a larger working area than the competitor product. It also had a UV light enclosed within the air recirculating filter, which meant that even the air flowing through can be decontaminated whilst the workstation is still in use. We already purchase from Alpha Laboratories on a regular basis and are happy with the quick and friendly service they provide".