Everything you need for Sample Collection, Handling, Processing, Analysis, Storage and Transport.

BRANDplates® microplates are manufactured under advanced, ISO class 7 cleanroom conditions and packaged using a fully automated process. This ensures the highest possible purity, even for non-sterilised assay plates.

PCR Consumables

The importance of high quality PCR consumables should not be underestimated.

Sample Handling

Quality Consumables for Sample Collection, Transport, Storage and Processing

Using high quality consumables that maintain sample integrity, ensure no assay interference, prevent leakage and comply with transport regulations is essential.

Tissue Culture
A wide range of dishes, tubes and flasks for cell and tissue culture applications.
Tube Storage Racks

Organise Your Samples - Versatile Racks for Laboratory and Freezee

Whether you are looking for versatility or specialised racking systems, Alpha has a broad range to meet your needs.