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Pipetting Academy - FREE Training

Training for Better Pipetting Performance, Ergonomics and SafetyPipetting Academy

Pipetting is the most common laboratory technique, yet it is frequently overlooked when it comes to user training.

A pipette’s performance is heavily dependent on the skill and expertise of the operator so incorrect handling can compromise the quality of results and cause repetitive strain injuries.


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What is Pipetting Academy?

To help you achieve the best pipetting performance, Alpha Laboratories offers a free training programme known as Pipetting Academy™. This is run in partnership with Sartorius, the world leaders in liquid handling technology. The programme brings together the ideas and experiences of Sartorius’ technical specialists, third party consultants and end-users. Through a combination of videos, presentations and practical activities you will learn valuable information on how to improve your pipetting practice.

Why Participate in a Pipetting Academy Seminar?

  • Are you concerned about the accuracy and precision of your own or your colleague’s pipetting?
  • Do your results vary between different lab personnel?
  • Do you know which technique to use with different types of liquids?
  • Do you adopt the correct posture when pipetting to maintain comfort and safety?
  • Do you ever suffer pain in your hand or arm when pipetting?
  • Are you a Safety Officer responsible for health and safety in the lab?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, Pipetting Academy could benefit you and/or your colleagues.


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At the Pipetting Academy Seminars You Will:

  • Find out the influence of pipetting techniques and environmental factors on test results.
  • Get practical training on pipetting techniques to help you achieve more accurate & precise results.
  • Be guided through the essentials of laboratory ergonomics.
  • Gain a better understanding of the ergonomic risks of pipetting in the laboratory environment.
  • Learn how to minimise these risks by choosing appropriate working postures, liquid handling instruments and accessories
  • Be able to instruct your employees on how to avoid strain injuries and make work more enjoyable.

Choosing the Right Seminar

Pipetting Academy is divided into 3 main subject areas:


The content is flexible and can be customised to cover the aspects most relevant to your laboratory. It usually includes theory and practice to allow participants to assess their pipetting skills and see how well they perform.

Seminars are free of charge and held on-site at your Company premises at a time and venue which is convenient to you. The trainers are Alpha and Sartorius specialists who are authorised to conduct Pipetting Academy.

On-going Support

Following the seminar, you will also be given access to Sartorius’ Pipetting Academy on-line support site which has a wide range of educational videos and presentations to remind you of the essential points of the training.

How do I Arrange a Pipetting Academy Seminar?

All you need is a group of 10-20 colleagues who are interested in attending. You can then complete the on-line form below to request a Pipetting Academy at your site. Your local Alpha representative will then call you to discuss your needs and make the arrangements.


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