Real Time PCR (qPCR)

Alpha Laboratories has a range of consumables for use in qPCR applications, including qPCR optical films, white plates and strip tubes.

ThermalSeal - qPCR Optical Films

ThermalSeal sealing films combine an optically transparent polyester sealing film with a strong, ultra-smooth, non-absorbing, non-fluorescing medical-grade adhesive for superior performance in real-time PCR applications.

ThermalSeal RTS™

ThermalSeal RTS™ sealing films are optically clear, with low autofluorescence, and are especially suited for real-time qPCR, storage, and protein crystallisation applications.

When pressed against the sealing surface, the inert encapsulated silicone adhesive is released to form the strongest available heat-resistant seal around each well on the plate. Adhesive on non-sealing areas of the film, such as directly over sample wells, remains encapsulated and inert. Sized to fit within the edges of raised-rim 96-Well plates, their consistent high optical clarity ensures reproducible, reliable, and consistent DNA amplification measurements and crystal detection.

  • Non-tacky adhesive layer simplifies handling of film prior to sealing

  • Heat resistant, recommended for temperatures from -70C to +100C

  • Chemically inert; no extractables except at extreme pH

  • DMSO resistant for HTS

  • Available as individual sheets or on a 65m roll for HTS automated applications

ThermalSeal RT™

ThermalSeal RT™ sealing films have a plastic liner which is easily removed before use and contributes smoothness and extreme optical clarity to the adhesive.

Dimensions are 79.4 x 142.9mm for sealing PCR plates. Length between the perforations with end tabs removed is 121.9mm.

  • “Brilliant” ultra-high optical clarity

  • Heat resistant, recommended for temperatures from -40C to +120C

ThermalSeal RT2RR™

50μm polyester sealing films for real-time PCR with the same consistent ultra-high optical clarity as ThermalSeal RT™ sealing films. This gives more reproducible, reliable, and consistent DNA amplification measurements.

An inert, strong, temperature-resistant adhesive assures reliable sealing around each well. Two end tabs assist in positioning the sealing film. Easy removal of the end tabs at perforated boundaries prevents lifting and higher evaporation rates that can occur with sealing films that overlap the plate rim.

Recommended for specific DNA sequence detection in clinical diagnostics, forensic science and basic research.

  • Fit within plate rim to prevent evaporation due to sealing film lifting

  • Ultra-high optical clarity

  • Heat resistant, for temperatures from -40C to +120C

Real-Time PCR White Plates

In low volume real-time PCR the intensity of fluorescence can be very low. Opaque walled PCR plates concentrate light to the detection module improving your real-time PCR results.

Alpha Laboratories PCR plates are manufactured to exacting specifications using the highest grade polypropylene. The moulds are designed using the latest computer design enhancements.

These factors, combined with rigorous quality control and product inspection regimes, ensure the consistent high quality and performance of each plate both within and between manufacturing lots. For complete assurance, plates are routinely certified free from DNAse, RNAse, DNA and detectable PCR inhibitors.

qPCR Plate Compatibility Chart

15/12/21 Download: 4.93KB

qPCR Strip Tubes

Optically Clear Tubes

Ultra-Thin Walls for Maximum Yield

Our PCR strip tubes are all manufactured with optimised medical grade polypropylene and are DNase, RNase, DNA, endotoxin and PCR inhibitor free.

Choose from strip caps or individually attached caps that have brilliant optical clarity and can be used for Real Time qPCR and fluorescence detection assays. The individually capped design reduces chances of sample contamination by allowing users to fill a tube and then close it. These strips of 8 flat optically clear caps are manufactured with optimised medical grade polypropylene producing no background signal during real time PCR.

  • Some formats can be cut into individual tubes or groups of tubes

  • Available without caps for use with cap strips

  • Optical, flat or domed caps available

  • White tubes for enhanced signals, clear tubes for sample visibility

White Strip Tubes

Designed for optimal heat transfer and sample security, our white strip tubes with optically clear caps for PCR and real time qPCR applications offer excellent performance and value. The white Wells maximise reflectance for enhanced signals whilst the optically clear caps enable optimal signal transmission and detection.

Each tube in the strip has it’s own individual flat optically clear cap, positioned in a manner which ensures multiple strips can be placed in a rack or thermal cycler block without interfering with each other.

The tubes have uniform thin walls engineered to give the most efficient environment for rapid thermal transfer. This enables optimal yields in your methods and applications. The wall thickness is 0.20mm compared to thicker 0.25mm of many competitor’s PCR tubes. This ensures efficient thermal transfer and thus maximum yield. White wells offer enhanced fluorescence reflection for maximum sensitivity in your qPCR assays.

qPCR Consumables