PCR Plates

Alpha Laboratories’ newly extended range of PCR plates now offers you a wide choice for compatibility with most Thermal Cyclers currently available.


The 96 and 384-well plates are thin walled with excellent thermal transfer for reproducible results and maximum yields.

All plates have a low rim around each well, minimising cross contamination, and can be sealed using our adhesive or heatsealed films and foils, or strip caps. They are also alphanumeric well-indexed and conform to standard SBS footprints.

All PCR plates are guaranteed and certified free of RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogens. Supplied in re-sealable bags.


Excellent quality at a good price. Consistent results. Good plates.

Rating: 5/5. Application Area: Analyse microbes in human samples.

Select Science Community Member Review of Alpha Laboratories' PCR Plates - 16 March 2020