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International Supply

Most of our diagnostic products are only for sale directly to our customers in the UK.
However, if there is a solution you are particularly interested in please contact us.
We will endeavour to help you or put you in touch with our manufacturer or their partner in your location.

FIT - the Complete Solution for Bowel Disease Detection

FIT (Faecal Immunochemical Test) is a sensitive and specific stool test that detects minute amounts of blood in faeces to identify possible signs of bowel disease. Its simple faecal collection device is more hygienic and acceptable to patients for obtaining their specimen. Together with complete patient packs for collection and return of samples, plus a dedicated, automated laboratory platform, we provide a complete solution for your FIT service.

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Direct or Managed Service Supply

Clinical Chemistry from A-Z

From ACE to Zinc we have an extensive range of Clinical Chemistry assays, calibrators, standards and controls from the highest quality manufacturers.
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More in Diagnostics

Information for the Public

Alpha Laboratories is a supplier of diagnostic kits for use by professional medical personnel within a clinical laboratory or doctors surgery. They are not available to the general public for home testing.

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ISO 15189 Accreditation

Equipment validation services, verified third party controls and calibrators, true cellular controls and frozen plasma products can all help with your quality control procedures.

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Easy Allergy Testing without the Risk

Read all about the BÜHLMANN Flow CAST® assay in the Basophil Activation Test Brochure. Offers a safe and simple in vitro alternative to traditional allergy testing.

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Infectious Disease Diagnostics


High quality products that help improve the speed and accuracy of disease diagnosis so that effective treatment can be initiated speedily.

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Mycology Testing

We offer a range of rapid lateral flow assays for the detection of clinically important fungal infections.

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