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LaboraTree Environmental Scheme - Planting Trees from Tips

Celebrating 10 years of LaboraTree!


It was way back in 2009 that the first seed of the Alpha Laboratories' tree planting scheme, LaboraTree, was sown.

Thanks to the dedicated LaboraTree members in laboratories throughout the UK, over 1,500 trees have now been planted across the country and are helping make a difference to our environment.

The trees planted by our members have helped to consume CO2, clean up pollution, generate oxygen and provide vital habitats for wildlife.


A tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.


Since LaboraTree began, the problems of pollution and the pressures on our environment have escalated and addressing them is becoming ever more important.

So, on this 10-year anniversary, we thought we should do more – with your help.

ZAP Laboratree

Tips for Trees: Fastrak® and ZAP™ – Growing Greener Together

More Benefits for the Environment and for YOU!

ZAP and Fastrak LaboratreeTo celebrate 10 years of LaboraTree we are extending the scheme to include ZAP™ Premier filter tips in addition to Fastrak® tip refills.

ZAP Filter Tips are Fastrak’s sister product. And, just like Fastrak they are made with sunshine too! In fact over 30% of the energy
needed to make ZAP tips comes directly from solar panels.

From January 2019 you’ll start to see ZAP LaboraTree stickers on ZAP tip packs. Here are all the changes to look out for:

■ The LaboraTree Collector’s Card will be changed to celebrate the new partnership between ZAP and Fastrak
■ You can continue to add your Fastrak stickers just like before, but you now also have the option to collect ZAP stickers towards your tree,
   to speed up your tree planting efforts
■ Plus, we will record the cumulative number of ZAP stickers you collect on all your tree planting certificates.
   For every 100 ZAP stickers collected, you can choose a special additional gift for your organisation such as a water fountain, bird bath, bird feeder,
   bench, nesting box etc.
   Alternatively, you can opt to donate the value of your prize to the Woodland Trust. Just select your preference on your Collector’s Card

Using both Fastrak® and ZAP together is the perfect eco-friendly combination.
You reduce the amount of waste in your laboratory as you can re-use your ZAP Premier Filter Tip racks to re-fill them with Fastrak Tips.
Plus, you can now do even more to help preserve the environment for future generations by planting more trees through the Laboratree campaign.

What is Laboratree?

Laboratree is Alpha's scheme to plant trees and make a sustainable contribution to the environment. It's free to join and exclusive to Fastrak an ZAP tip users, giving you a unique combination of green benefits.

Why plant trees?

  • Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing the effects of global warming
  • Woods provide habitats for many endangered wildlife species, conserving biodiversity
  • Woods are a place for leisure and relaxation for us and future generations to enjoy

What does local tree planting mean for you?

We plant trees in the wood location nearest to your laboratory from a specially chosen Woodland Trust selection. This will be indicated on your personalised tree certificate. The trees are native, broadleaved varieties such as Oak, Ash & Birch. You can visit the woods at any time.

How is it going?

See how our tree dedications are developing at the different locations using the map below by clicking on the tree icons and feel proud of the contribution you are making to restoring and protecting Britain's precious woodland.

How Does it Work?

There are just three easy steps:

Step .1


Laboratree - Step 1.


Register on-line and we will send you a Laboratree collector's card with your unique membership number.

Step .2


Laboratree - Step 2.


Apply the special tree tokens found on the outside of Fastrak or ZAP tip packs to your collector's card. 

Step .3


Laboratree - Step 3.


When the card is full, return it freepost to us. We will plant your tree and record any ZAP tokens towards your additional gift. You will also receive your personalised e-certificate.


We'll plant a tree for you to recognise your contribution and we'll also send you a new Laboratree card so you can carry on collecting.


Where do we plant trees?

Our Laboratree campaign began in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength. Thanks to its many supporters, hundreds of trees have already been planted in the Scottish Highlands Alladale Reserve and elsewhere across the country. This has made a valuable contribution to a major reforestation project in association with the Carbon Managers and the Challenger Trust.

Woodland Trust Partnership

In response to customer feedback, we have now joined forces with the Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, to extend our tree planting activities to multiple locations nationwide.

Example of a Wood Information Sheet



Total trees planted to date