ZAP™ Premier Filter Tips

The Ultimate in Pipette and Sample Protection

ZAP™ Premier filter tips give you ultimate protection for both your pipette and sample without making a big hole in your budget. There is a wide range to fit most brands of pipette.


ZAP Premier tips are available in standard and low retention versions.

  • The ultimate in pipette and sample protection

  • Perfect for PCR and other demanding applications

The ZAP™ Premier Low Retention tips have all the benefits of the ZAP Premier tips but also provide up to ten times less fluid retention than standard tips.

The low retention tips have been constructed with a diamond polished mould surface. The unique resin formulation used in these tips increases the hydrophobicity of the tip surface.

This is particularly useful when working with biological samples as the increased hydrophobicity encourages proteins to fold onto themselves and expel cleanly from the tip surface. This results in less fluid retention, less sample loss and clean liquid release so that evrey last droplet of your sample is dispensed.


Protect your Pipette

ZAP™ Premier filter tips feature a unique 10μm pore size filter. These pores are 100% smaller than those in most other filter tips and effectively trap aerosols containing DNA, radionucleotides and other contaminants, preventing them from entering the barrel of the pipette and keeping it clean.

Protect your Sample

The filter also works to protect your sample. It blocks fluid passage so that in the event of over-pipetting, your sample will not be absorbed and can be completely dispensed without any loss. Contamination of the sample by the filter is avoided as it is made from high purity polyethylene and inserted robotically into the tip. Every batch of tips is tested and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, Human DNA. They are also certified as non-pyrogenic including the filter.

Protect your Budget

ZAP™ Premier filter tips are sensibly priced to take account of restricted budgets and what’s more,due to the high density of the filter, ZAP™ Premier filter tips are autoclavable. That means, if you don’t use the entire box of tips, they need not be wasted. You can sterilise them again and the filters will not warp.

ZAP™ Premier Filter Tip Products