Capillary Tubes

Drummond Microdispenser capillaries are suitable for use with all Microdispensers.

These disposable, precision-bore, glass capillary tubes are cut to pre-determined lengths to deliver constant and precise, ±1% fill volumes. Easy to use, the fluid is drawn into the tube by capillary action and dispensed by a simple squeeze of the bulb.

Each pack of Microcaps® is supplied with one re-useable bulb. Additional bulbs can be purchased separately.

A unique spotting holder is also available for applications such as TLC, which will allow the sample to be dispensed simply by touching the tube to the spotting surface such as silica gel or cellulose.

Microcap 0.25ul 32mm
0.5ul Microcap, 32mm
Microcap 1.0ul 64mm 100&#
1ul Microcap, 32mm x1000
2ul Microcap, 32mm x1000
3ul Microcap, 32mm
4ul Microcap, 32mm
Microcap 5ul 32mm x1000
6ul Microcap, 38mm
7ul Microcap, 45mm
Microcap 8.0ul, 44mm
Microcap 9.0ul, 49mm