UN3373 Biological Sample Transport Compliance Resources

Helping You to Understand the Legal Regulations

Access guidelines, brochures and videos, that clarify how to package your clinical and bio.ogical samples, to meet the necessary requirements, to ensure your compliance with the legislation.

Key Requirements of UN3373 Regulations

Human or animal materials that are being transported only for the purpose of diagnosis or investigation are subject to transport requlations and must be correctly packaged in accordance with UN3373 regulations.
See the specifications here.

Official UN3373 Regulation Resources

This reference list will direct you to official resources from authorities such as IATA, Department of Transport and International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Packaging Guide for Air and Road Transport

This guide will help you identify the correct packaging materials to use whether you are transporting your biological samples. by air or road.

Your Journey to Compliance

Verify how your sample type should be categorised and follow the packaging requirements for road or air transport.