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Negative gel stain post-electrophoresis staining Wako
Pack size: 20 Tests
Product code: 293-57701

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Negative gel stain post-electrophoresis staining Wako

Negative Gels Stain MS Kit produced by FUJIFILM Wako Chemical Corporation

Protein bands separated by SDS-PAGE can be visualised as transparent bands against a background of milky white stained gel using a zinc imidazole reagent. The Wako Negative Gels Stain MS Kit utilises a new imidazole derivative. Free zinc ions will react with protein and SDS-protein complexes. These areas of the gel remain clear but insoluble zinc-imidazole complex is deposited elsewhere giving a negative stain to the gel. This staining technique is useful to obtain the clear and sensitive resolution pattern of the gel before immunoblotting as well as to excise and purify the band of interest from the gel without significant deterioration of amino acid residues – important for subsequent studies such as protein sequencing and mass spectrometry analysis.

Negative Gels Stain MS Kit 20 Tests

Highly sensitive 3ng

Quick detection 10 min

Ideal for subsequent down-stream protein analysis

Suitable for repeated staining and de-staining

After de-staining the gel may be subject to Western blotting

Each kit contains:

500ml each of Staining Solution A, Staining Solution B and De-staining Solution.


Immerse gel in Solution A with gentle shaking for 5-10min

Drain off the stain solution and wash in deionised water 3 x 1min

Drain and add Solution B, shake gentle for 10-50s whilst checking the staining intensity against a black background.

Stop staining by draining off the solution and washing in distilled water 3 x 1min

In case of excess staining the gel can be de-stained with 2% EDTA3Na.

For subsequent processes such as Western Blotting the gel is de-stained by immersion in the De-staining Solution provided with gentle stirring, complete removal of the stain typically takes 15min

Store kit at room temperature
FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH – Lab Chem
CE Certified
Research Use Only
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SDS-PAGE gel stain
20 Tests
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Electrophoresis Grade
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20 Tests
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Negative gel stain post-electrophoresis staining Wako

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