Kit Building Services

Custom Made Solutions to Meet Your Sample Collection and Transport Needs

With your focus on developing innovative diagnostic tests or life saving drugs, the mundane details of logistics for shipping biological specimens or clinical trial samples are probably far from your mind. 

However, whether you are involved in National or Global projects, transporting biological samples safely, securely and in adherence to current regulations is essential.

Clinical trials or screening programmes usually require the movement of biological samples from the patient or clinic to the testing laboratory. Whether swabs, blood, urine, faeces or tissue, they need to be transported in accordance to strict UN3373 regulations.

International Clinical Trials - Article on Biological Sample Transport Packaging

"UN3373 compliance is becoming increasingly crucial with the globalisation of the pharmaceutical industry. Shipping of biological, and sometimes infectious, substances across borders must be stringently regulated"

A Complete End-to-End Sample Transport Solution

We will work with you to develop a compliant kit - Easy as 1-2-3

Additional Kit Components

We can also help with supplying a range of components for your kit such as swabs, lancets, alcohol wipes, plasters etc.

In addition our custom design consumables service can develop specific pipettes, vials, plates seals etc. to meet your needs.

Bespoke Documents for Your Kit

If required, our in-house design team will work with you to develop all the documentation for your kit, including patient information sheets, test request forms, illustrated instructions for use, return labels etc.

These can be designed using your own logos and corporate
colour palette.


Alpha Laboratories can develop sample transport kit solutions for a variety of application areas including:

  • Diagnostic Kits

  • Clinical Trials Kits

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Kits

  • Health Screening Kits

  • Sexual Health Kits

  • Disease Control Kits

  • Proficiency Testing Kits

  • Food & Water Testing Kits