Choosing the Right Pipette

Servicing & Accessories

Ensure you choose the right pipette for your needs, including the right servicing and accessories.

Service & Calibration

Keeping your pipette well maintained and calibrated will deliver best results and extend its life.

Each range offers features to help you do this yourself. Compare these features below:

Manual Electronic
Service & Calibration
Fully Autoclavable   Lower Parts Only Lower Parts Only
Disassembly Without Tools  
UV Resistant High Medium High High High    
Warranty Duration 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 3 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Safe-cone Filter Ejection          
Calibration Tool Included    
Storage of Service and Calibration Dates          
Calibration Adjustment 1,2 or 3 Points 1,2 or 3 Points


Sometimes it's those extras that make the difference between one range and another. Whether it be a sophisticated stand or just a coloured cap, you'll find it here.

We also provide a comprehensive range of spare parts. Use the enquiry form to request details of your specific requirements.

Manual Electronic
Linear Stand
Single Charging Stand          
Carousel Stand for Multiple Pipettes      
Carousel Charging Stand for Multiple Pipettes          
Pipette Holder      
Calibration Tool    
Safe-cone Filters  
Colour-coded Caps

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