Packaging by Sample Type

Whatever your clinical or biological sample type,
find the complete solution for collection and transport right here.

There are several steps involved in getting quality samples from the patient to the laboratory for testing.

As specialists in sample handling and biological specimen transport regulations, Alpha Laboratories can help you with complete,
compliant solutions.

Easy as 1 -2 - 3

Step 1 - Sample Collection

Patients are often daunted by the task of taking their own samples, so anything that can help make the process easier, more hygienic and convenient will improve acceptability. Our sample collection devices also help avoid contamination and ensure patients supply a quality sample for the laboratory. Some solutions also store and stabilise the sample ready for testing.

Step 2 - Sample Containment

Once collected the sample needs to be stored in an appropriate container that can withstand the rigours of transport to the laboratory. Our range of primary containers offers leak proof protection of specimens during storage and transport, some to 95kPa pressure differential testing regulations.

Step 3 - Packaging to Meet UN3373 Regulations

Whether you are sending samples by road or air they must be carefully packaged to meet the demands of UN3373 P650 packaging instructions. We provide a wide range of professional options to standardise secondary and outer packaging for cost effective and convenient compliance.