Choosing the Right Pipette


Consider your budget and the type of work you will be doing with your pipette. Some models are better suited to certain tasks than others.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you pipette for long periods?

  • Do you handle bio-hazardous samples?

  • Do you performing multi-dispensing routines?

  • Will the pipette be subjected to rough treatment?

Manual Electronic
Volume range
Variable volume single channels 0.1µl-10ml 0.1µl-10ml 0.1µl-10ml 0.1µl-5ml 0.1µl-10ml 0.2µl-10ml 0.2µl-10ml
Fixed volume single channels     5µl-10ml 5µl-5ml 2.5µl-10ml    
Variable volume 8- and 12- channels 0.5µl-300µl 0.5µl-300µl 0.5µl-300µl 0.5µl-300µl 0.5µl-300µl 0.2µl-1200µl 0.2µl-1200µl
Program modes


Multi Dispensing          
Reverse Pipetting
Sequential Dispensing          
Manual Pipetting
Automated Dispensing          
Multi Aspirating          
Post-delivery Mixing in Pipetting & Diluting Modes          
Single Point Calibration          
Multi Point Calibration          
Memory Places for Favourite Programs          
Tracker Mode          
Counter Mode          
Excess Volume Adjustment          
Repeated Blow Out            

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