Choosing the Right Pipette


Ergonomics & Performance

If comfort is of prime importance or you are using your pipette for lengthy repetitive tasks, you will want to be sure of its handling features. Likewise, if your accuracy and precision of your results are critical, the performance aspects will be key.

Maunal Electronic
Finger Support
Smooth, Volume Adjustment

Low Force Tip Mounting


Multi-Channels Only Multi-Channels Only
Pipetting & Tip Ejection Forces Extremely Low (12N) Extremely Low (12N) Very Low (15N)





None None

Pipette Weight

(1000µl 1-channel mode)

79g 77g 82g 84g 85g 100g 100g
Easy Left & Right Handed Use
Tip Ejection Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Electronic Electronic
One-handed operation
Performance Tacta mLINE Proline Plus Proline alpha+ Picus NxT Picus
Thermal insulation of internal components to improve accuracy
DC Motor-controlled piston movement for highest accuracy          
Fully electronic operation eliminates user error          
Sartorius tips available for optimum fit & performance  
Adjustable for accurate pipetting of viscous fluids        
Programs for accurate, repeat & multiple dispensing          
Convenience Tacta mLINE Proline Plus Proline alpha+ Picus NxT Picus
Volume locking button avoids accidental changes          
Large, clear numerical display for easy reading    
Volume range on pipette barrel
Colour-coding plunger caps for easy identification
Safe-cone filters for pipette protection  
Starter Kits Available        
Direct Charging with Mains Adaptor          
Aspirating & Dispensing Speed Selection           9 Speeds 9 Speeds
Storage of User Programs          
Low Battery Indicator          
Microwell Plate Tracker          
Password Protection           2 Level Admin

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