Create Your Custom Laboratory Rack

Expandable, reversible, twist-lock - combinations of racks to hold different sized tubes providing workstations suitable for many applications.

Four-Way Combirack
The rugged polypropylene construction, the bright colours and the patented design, make the Four-Way Combirack a highly worthwhile addition to your laboratory.
32-place Combirack Junior
The Combirack Junior is perfect for use as a working rack during sequencing procedures.
64-place Combirack
64-place Combirack has 8 rows and 8 columns in a 129mm square making this a great replacement for card or metal racks.
Twist-Lock Combirack
The Combirack Twist-Lock comes as a set of 4 brightly coloured, four-sided racks, which can twist and lock together in any arrangement to suit the user.
96-place Combirack Standard
The most popular Combirack! 8 rows and 12 columns with moulded indexing for easy reference.