APEX® Filter Tips

Designed for Consistent Sample Dispensing with the Highest Accuracy and Precision

Manufactured in a state of the art production facility, APEX® tips are an excellent choice for laboratories looking for quality and affordability. Perfect for your laboratory, kind to our environment.

Key Features

APEX tips have a universal fit with enhanced cone geometry. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of popular brand pipette models, including the alpha+ range of pipettes.

Each tip is graduated for easy volume checking, while the conical tip opening prevents drop formation at the end of the tip. This minimises sample loss and further improves pipetting precision.

All the tips are manufactured from virgin polypropylene and filtered tips feature a hydrophobic polyethylene filter. The filter is manufactured from contaminant-free virgin resin with an average pore size of 5-20μm. This acts to block aerosols as well as vapour, radioactive, biohazardous or corrosive samples.

Every batch of tips is required to pass the highest level of Quality Assurance testing. The tips are certified metal free as well as RNase, DNase DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitor free. Sterile tips are further e-beam irradiated to ensure there is no contamination of your precious sample.

  • Available sterile and non-sterile

  • Packaged loose or racked

  • Standard or extended length

  • Volumes – 10μl, 200μl, 1000μl and 1250μl

  • Universal fit with a wide variety of popular pipettes

Perfect for Your Laboratory, Kinder to Our Environment