The Complete Liquid Handling Solution

Everything You Need to Ensure Perfect Pipetting Performance

Alpha Laboratories offers an extensive range of quality equipment and consumables to ensure accuracy, precision and ease of use for your routine and specialist laboratory liquid handling tasks.

Alongside our vast product range, we offer the Pipetting Academy™ training programme plus a range of calibration and maintenance services to help you achieve the best pipetting performance.


A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. With so many techniques depending on the transfer of often minute sample volumes, accuracy and precision are essential. Browse our range of single and multi channel, manual and electronic Pipettes.

Pipette Tips

Using high quality pipette tips ensures you get maximum performance and no interference in your assays. Alpha Laboratories never compromises on quality. Our tips are produced from the highest grade virgin polypropylene using computer-designed stainless steel moulds.

Alpha Lab Service

The Alpha Laboratories liquid handling portfolio is now complete thanks to the introduction of our Alpha Lab Service offering. Providing all calibration needs, including other manufacturers’ brand equipment, it gives you a single point of service for all your pipettes.

Pipetting AcademyTraining

To help you achieve the best pipetting performance, Alpha Laboratories offers a training programme known as Pipetting Academy™. Through a combination of videos, presentations and practical activities you will learn valuable information on how to improve your pipetting practice