Complete Kits for Air or Road Sample Transport

Convenient, complete sample transport systems with everything you need to comply with UN3373 regulations,
for transporting samples by road or air.

Complete, Compliant Mailing Systems

Convenient, complete sample transport systems with everything you need to meet the P650 packaging instruction for Road or Air.

These convenient sample transport complete systems make UN3373 compliance simple. They contain appropriately sizes absorbent material, a 95kPa pressure tested secondary pouch, an outer rigid outer box and a security seal. They are already labelled with all appropriate UN3373 required information.

They can accommodate all types of primary sample container. Use when your primary doesn't fit into any of the SpeciSafe® secondary sample transport clamshells, or when your primary is not certified 95kPa pressure resistant, or this is unknown.

Available in a range of sizes, simply pick the one which matches your requirements best. They are compatible with a vast range of sample containers.

These packaging kits are supplied flat packed to minimise storage space requirements, and include full instructions for assembly.


All the components can also be purchased individually ensuring even greater flexibility in the choice of packaging materials for the laboratory and ensuring minimal postage costs are incurred:

Absorbent Sheets

These super absorbent sheets can be used with all types of packaging to help meet UN3373 regulations. Available in 4 sizes specified by the volume that they can absorb, simply choose the one that will absorb at least the total volume of your sample. More than one sheet can be added to any packaging if required, to ensure that it would absorb all the sample in the event of catastrophic leakage.

A 4 bay absorbent pouch is also available, suitable for sending up to 4 blood type or similar tubes. This keeps the tubes separated from each other, without the need to wrap each one individually.

Specimen Bags

These handy, grip seal specimen bags comprise the main compartment plus an integral document wallet to ensure your paperwork stays with your samples. For use with appropriately tested 95kPa primary containers. These can also be used to separate multiple primary sample containers from each other.

Supplied non-sterile.

95kPa Pouches

95kPa Flexible Secondary Pouches are the ideal solution for transporting sample containers where the pressure resistance is either unknown or not certified to be 95kPa compliant.

The 95kPa Pouches are also useful for any sample container which does not fit into any of the moulded SpeciSafe transport containers.

There are two different types of flexible secondary pouch:

ADR - For road transport. Tested to be 95kPa pressure resistant at ambient temperature.

IATA - For air transport. Tested to be 95kPa pressure resistant at ambient, -40C and +55C.

Pouches with or without absorent are available.

Security Labels and Seals

Labels can be purchased to add to your own packaging solutions which comply with the UN3373 regulations. Save time and effort with labels directly from a roll.

Also available is the tamper evident security seal. This has a special adhesive to ensure it cannot be removed without being torn so it becomes immediately obvious if the package has been previously opened.

International Clinical Trials - Article on Biological Sample Transport Packaging

"UN3373 compliance is becoming increasingly crucial with the globalisation of the pharmaceutical industry. Shipping of biological, and sometimes infectious, substances across borders must be stringently regulated"