mLINE® Manual Pipettes

Advanced Design for Excellent Ergonomics and Perfect Performance

The mLINE® range offers a unique combination of novel features in an ergonomic design for effortless accuracy and precision.

mLINE has significantly lighter pipetting forces than other mechanical pipettes. It's recommended by Health & Safety officers as an effective way to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Key Features

Lightest Pipetting Forces

The mLINE has significantly lighter pipetting and tip ejection forces than other mechanical pipettes. This is due to patented technology which means that the complete pipetting cycle from aspiration to dispensing and tip ejection can be achieved with superb control and minimal effort.

Effortless Accuracy

Due to the ergonomic nature of the mLINE, users find it easy to maintain optimum pipetting technique, even with multichannels over long sequences. This results in consistent accuracy and precision time after time - ideal for high throughput laboratories.

Multi-channel Models

The multi-channel range includes 8 and 12 channel models, all of which have a full 360°swivel head.

Volume Range:
Volume Range: Variable Volume Single Channels 0.1µl-10ml
Volume Range: Variable Volume 8- and 12- Channels 0.5µl-300µl

Program Modes:
Program Modes: Pipetting
Program Modes: Reverse Pipetting
Program Modes: Manual Pipetting


mLINE pipettes are ideal for:

  • High throughput work & long pipetting tasks

  • When consistency of results is paramount (low hand fatigue even after several hours)

  • High accuracy applications

  • Low volume PCR work

  • Handling biological fluids (fully autoclavable without disassembly)

  • RSI sufferers

Perfect Tip Sealing with Optiload Tip Loading Mechanism

All mLINE pipettes are equipped with spring-loaded tip cones – the Optiload mechanism secures even tip sealing and simultaneously allows tips to be loaded and ejected with minimum force. This is a particular advantage with multichannel models, where tip loading and ejecting generally requires more force. Using less force reduces the risk of hand injuries.

mLINE Safety

  • Minimised risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters for models >10μl and full autoclavability (steam sterilisation)

  • Volume-lock button prevents accidental volume changes while pipetting, for error-free results

Ergonomics & Performance

mLINE pipettes have a patented spring mechanism (plunger technology) resulting in exceptionally light pipetting forces. The tension spring mechanism makes the pipetting force almost 4 times lighter than conventional compression spring operated pipettes. Light pipetting force improves pipetting precision in long pipetting series. Thanks to the device’s unique spring mechanism, the starting force is always constant, regardless of the set volume, which improves pipetting results especially for small volumes.

If comfort is of prime importance or you are using your pipette for lengthy repetitive tasks, you will want to be sure of its handling features.

Likewise, if your accuracy and precision of your results are critical, the performance aspects will be key.

Ergonomics: Finger support
Ergonomics: Smooth, volume adjustment
Ergonomics: Low force tip mounting (Optiload)
Ergonomics: Pipetting & tip ejection forces Extremely Low (12N)
Ergonomics: Pipette weight (1000µl 1-channel mode) 79g
Ergonomics: Easy left & right handed use
Ergonomics: Tip ejection Manual
Ergonomics: One-handed operation

Performance: Thermal insulation of internal components to improve accuracy
Performance: Sartorius tips available for optimum fit & performance

Convenience: Volume locking button avoids accidental changes
Convenience: Large, clear numerical display for easy reading
Convenience: Volume range on pipette barrel
Convenience: Colour-coding plunger caps for easy identification
Convenience: Safe-cone filters for pipette protection
Convenience: Starter kits available

Service & Calibration

Keeping your pipette well maintained and calibrated will deliver best results and extend its life. Each range offers features to help you do this yourself.

Alternatively, for complete peace of mind, why not use our Alpha Pipette Service, the calibration and service professionals.

mLINE® Service & Calibration:
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Fully autoclavable
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Disassembly without tools
mLINE® Service & Calibration: UV resistant Medium
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Warranty duration 2 years
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Safe-cone filter ejection
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Calibration tool included
mLINE® Service & Calibration: Calibration adjustment

Pipette Calibration and Service - Use The Experts

Regular service and calibration will ensure that the precision and accuracy of your pipettes are maintained so that your results are not compromised. Alpha Laboratories offers a comprehensive range of service and calibration options covering all popular brands of pipettes and dispensers. These can be performed either on-site or by sending them to our fully equipped workshop.

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Sometimes it's those extras that make the difference between one range and another. Whether it be a sophisticated stand or just a coloured cap, you'll find it here.

We also provide a comprehensive range of spare parts.

Use the enquiry form to request details of your specific requirements.

Compatible Accessories:
Compatible Accessories: Linear stand
Compatible Accessories: Carousel stand for multiple pipettes
Compatible Accessories: Pipette holder
Compatible Accessories: Calibration tool
Compatible Accessories: Safe-cone filters
Compatible Accessories: Colour-coded caps

mLINE® Pipette Products