Tacta Manual Pipettes

Optimal Care for You and Your Science

Tacta premium manual pipettes make pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.

Each time you pick up your pipette do you consider your overall user experience? We do.

The way it feels and performs will affect your results. Alpha Laboratories proudly presents Tacta, the new premium manual pipette from Sartorius that brings you optimal comfort and reliability.


Extensive experience and state-of-the-art R&D has created the exceptionally balanced design of Tacta. It feels great in your hand, and is so easy and comfortable to use. Using the most carefully selected materials, each Tacta component is designed to meet the highest standards.

Tacta offers superb ergonomics and reliability to provide a refined pipetting experience that is second to none:

  • Low pipetting cycle forces reduces the risk of WRULD (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder)

  • Ergonomic design for comfortabe pipetting

  • Optiload feature in both single and multichannel models for easy and light tip loading with perfect tip sealing

  • Optiject soft tip ejection feature detaches the tip in a smooth, controlled manner

  • Optilock’s dual-function volume locking prevents accidental volume changes

  • Easy-to-read, four-digit volume display helps to set exact volumes

  • Safe-Cone Filters available for models above 10μl with convenient built-in filter ejection mechanism

  • Fully autoclavable without disassembling

  • Simple to clean and maintain with only three parts to disassemble

  • Easy calibration adjustment with simple key and scale

  • High chemical and UV-resistance to ensure a long life span for the pipette

Volume Range:
Volume Range: Variable volume single channels 0.1µl-10ml
Volume Range: Variable volume 8- and 12- channels 0.5µl-300µl

Program Modes:
Program Modes: Pipetting
Program Modes: Reverse pipetting
Program Modes: Manual pipetting

This premium manual pipette has received the Red dot design award for 2016.

Statement by the jury:

Due to its sophisticated ergonomics and pleasant volume, the pipette is easy on the hand. The individual functional areas are clearly structured.


Feel the Comfort

Superior Ergonomics that Care for You

Tacta rests lightly in your hand thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook. Together these enable a relaxed hold with no need to grip the handle tightly. Tacta is effortless to use and exceptionally comfortable to work with. Tacta eases your workload and protects you from strain, even when you pipette for extended periods of your working day.

Low Pipetting, Tip Loading and Ejection Forces

The forces needed throughout a pipetting cycle have all been considered in the Tacta design. From tip attachment to pipetting and finally tip ejection, they are all exceptionally low with Tacta, protecting you from WRULD and RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

The Optiload feature, with spring-loaded tip cones in both the single and

multichannel models, secures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force. Consequently, Optiload also ensures light tip ejection to protect your hand.

The light tip ejection is further enhanced by Sartorius Optiject, the soft, levered tip ejection feature that lets the tip detach in a smooth, controlled way with little force.

Large, Clear Display

The large, easy-to-read display helps you to see all four digits of the set volume from a distance without straining your eyes.

The volume is easy to read even when the pipette is angled – eliminating the need to turn your head into an uncomfortable position.

Making Work Easier

Calibration Adjustment for Consistent Accuracy

Tacta is very easy to adjust, for various types of liquids, using a simple key and scale that shows the degree of adjustment required. By noting this value for a specific liquid, you can return to that setting at any time.

Easy calibration adjustment ensures accurate results with a variety of liquids every time.

Volume Adjustment for Complete Security

Use the Sartorius Optilock feature to prevent accidental volume changes during pipetting, using your preferred method.

Either hold down the volume lock button

with one hand and adjust the volume with the other, then release to lock, or with just one hand, slide the volume lock up, adjust the volume and slide down to lock again. The choice is in your hands.

Easy Cleaning

No need to worry if your pipette gets dirty or contaminated. Tacta is the quickest and easiest pipette to clean, with only three parts to be disassembled and no tools required. Tacta can also be steam-sterilised or autoclaved complete, without disassembly. It has also high UV and chemical resistance. The clever three part design means the time taken to disassemble Tacta is significantly shorter than for its competitors (see graph).

This makes pipette cleaning an easy and convenient task for anyone and simplifies routine maintenance. Regular cleaning will ensure reliable results and prolong the life of the pipette. The test was carried out using 1000μl pipettes.

Caring for Your Science

The graph on the right illustrates how the precision of pipetting results is impacted over time when using various pipettes.

Tacta, with its fine tuned detailed design, creates the most comfortable pipetting experience, producing consistently precise results during prolonged pipetting over a three-hour test period.

Precision of results tested over a three-hour period using four pipettes from various manufacturers. The test was performed by an independent laboratory in accordance with the ISO 8655 standard using 1000μl pipettes with 1000μl tips from the corresponding manufacturers.

Ergonomics & Performance

If comfort is of prime importance or you are using your pipette for lengthy repetitive tasks, you will want to be sure of its handling features.

Likewise, if your accuracy and precision of your results are critical, the performance aspects will be key.

Ergonomics: Finger support
Ergonomics: Smooth, volume adjustment
Ergonomics: Low force tip mounting (Optiload)
Ergonomics: Pipetting & tip ejection forces Extremely Low (12N)
Ergonomics: Pipette weight (1000µl 1-channel mode) 79g
Ergonomics: Easy left & right handed use
Ergonomics: Tip ejection Manual
Ergonomics: One-handed operation

Performance: Thermal insulation of internal components to improve accuracy
Performance: Sartorius tips available for optimum fit & performance
Performance: Adjustable for accurate pipetting of viscous fluids

Convenience: Volume locking button avoids accidental changes
Convenience: Large, clear numerical display for easy reading
Convenience: Volume range on pipette barrel
Convenience: Colour-coding plunger caps for easy identification
Convenience: Safe-cone filters for pipette protection

Service & Calibration

Keeping your pipette well maintained and calibrated will deliver best results and extend its life. Each range offers features to help you do this yourself.

Alternatively, for complete peace of mind, why not use our Alpha Pipette Service, the calibration and service professionals.

Tacta Service & Calibration:
Tacta Service & Calibration: Fully autoclavable
Tacta Service & Calibration: Disassembly without tools
Tacta Service & Calibration: UV resistant High
Tacta Service & Calibration: Warranty duration 2 years
Tacta Service & Calibration: Safe-cone filter ejection
Tacta Service & Calibration: Calibration tool included
Tacta Service & Calibration: Calibration adjustment

Pipette Calibration and Service - Use The Experts

Regular service and calibration will ensure that the precision and accuracy of your pipettes are maintained so that your results are not compromised. Alpha Laboratories offers a comprehensive range of service and calibration options covering all popular brands of pipettes and dispensers. These can be performed either on-site or by sending them to our fully equipped workshop.

For further details, click here.


Sometimes it's those extras that make the difference between one range and another. Whether it be a sophisticated stand or just a coloured cap, you'll find it here.

We also provide a comprehensive range of spare parts.

Use the enquiry form to request details of your specific requirements.

Compatible Accessories:
Compatible Accessories: Linear stand
Compatible Accessories: Carousel stand for multiple pipettes
Compatible Accessories: Pipette holder
Compatible Accessories: Calibration tool
Compatible Accessories: Safe-cone filters
Compatible Accessories: Colour-coded caps

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