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The Alpha Laboratories Clarit-E® range of innovative electrophoresis equipment continues to expand, providing you with a wide choice of tools to suit your separation needs.

Horizontal gel tanks in a variety of sizes offer the ultimate level of flexibility and the vertical modular systems, provide a complete solution for protein work.

Power supplies, gel documentation systems, blotting, plus more specialised equipment, enhance the range with the ability to support most applications.

We also offer a small range of convenient electrophoresis reagents, including agaroses, buffers, DNA markers and ultra pure reagents.

Horizontal Gel Systems

The Clarit-E series of horizontal gel units offers the most versatile solution for DNA and RNA agarose gel electrophoresis currently available.

All units offer unsurpassed economy of gel and buffer volume, with gel size and sample number versatility. This eliminates the need for multiple gel tanks for changes in gel size or application.

All units contain removable UV transparent trays. Gel size and sample number requirements can be exactly matched in each unit as systems are available with one, two or three tray options (dependent on model). Easy to use, leak-proof ‘plug and go’ gel casting dams are included as standard to allow gels to be rapidly cast whilst the Clarit-E unit is in use for gel running. Traditional tape casting can be used, should this be preferred.

Although lid connectors are compatible with most major power supplies, adapters are available to provide complete compatability.

An extensive range of combs are available.

  • Injection Moulded Construction – durable, leak-proof environment for complete safety and long life

  • Cassette Type Electrodes – inexpensive, easy to replace. Made of 99.99% corrosion resistant, pure platinum

  • Electrical Safety – lid can be located in one way only. On removal, power is disconnected from the buffer chamber

  • Multiple Gel Trays – eliminate the need for additional gel tanks

Vertical Gel Systems

The Clarit-E range of Vertical Gel Units combines ease of use with high resolution separations.

Three sizes, Mini 10 x10cm, Mini Wide 20 x 10cm and Maxi 20 x 20cm, share a host of common features including a guaranteed leak-proof seal required for trouble-free, rapid and uncomplicated gel casting. Utilising a built-in gel running module eliminates time-consuming transfer of glass plates following casting - a process which can cause gel damage and misalignment. Glass plates with permanently bonded spacers, guarantee perfect spacer alignment. The glass plate sandwich is simply inserted between pressure bars and a minimum of screws tightened. For the Clarit-E Mini there are no screws to tighten as the unique gel clamping system ensures fast set up times and guaranteed leak-proof gel casting. Following polymerisation, the gel running module is simply inserted into the gel tank for electrophoresis.

A complete range of accessories and combs are available.

  • Rapid Gel Casting and Loading – ensures trouble-free gel set-up

  • Versatile – modules for slab gel, 2-D electrophoresis and electroblotting using a single universal buffer tank

Gel Loading Tips

Gel loading tips offer an ideal solution for gel electrophoresis.

Their narrow delivery orifice dispenses the complete sample to the bottom of the well, resulting in high quality data.

We have round or flat tips with a choice of widths, and some tips are available with additional features such as extended length for access to the bottom of narrow vessels and gel wells. Others have filters for pipette protection.

  • Round tips (o.d: 0.57mm) are used for loading gels such as SDS PAGE.

  • Flat tips (o.d: 0.17 and 0.37mm) are used for sequencing gels


Available in single and dual wavelength formats, our transilluminators are supplied either as stand-alone units or with the gel documentation system, as part of a fully integrated system.

With a large surface area, each transilluminator serves as the perfect workstation for viewing and working with fluorescently-stained protein and nucleic acid gels.

Standard features include a high/low intensity safety switch and an efficient starter that allows each of the six 8 Watt UV tubes to energise quickly without flickering, prolonging the working life of the UV tubes. Special filter glass minimises unwanted background light. All of these features maximise contrast and sensitivity, allowing even the faintest fluorescent gels to be viewed. Two dual-wavelength models offer added flexibility and convenience.


  • Three wavelength options for added flexibility and convenience: 254/312/365nm

  • Two dual-wavelength models

  • Long life filter in two size options

  • High efficiency reflector

  • Hi/Lo intensity switch

  • Fast start up

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