Electrophoresis Power Supplies

Our electrophoresis power supplies are high technology instruments and are available in several versions, so there is always a suitable instrument for your application.

Manual programming allows you to set voltage, current or power and time limits for a simple routine electrophoresis run.


  • Compact

  • Excellent value

  • Constant voltages and constant currents (6 preset voltages on Mini’s)

  • Four pairs of outlet terminator, (two pairs for Mini)

  • Timer with alarm function (not Mini)

  • Stackable (not Mini)

  • Suitable for cold-room operation (not Mini)


The Clarit-E Maxi Power Supplies can handle virtually any application from high voltage electrophoresis to high current blotting. Two models provide versatility, offering maximum output capability from 300V to 500V, 600mA to 3A and 200 to 300 watts. These units are suitable for running multiple SDS gels, blotting and large submarine gels.


The Clarit-E Midi power supplies are inexpensive and compact, ideal for routine horizontal and mini vertical electrophoresis. Microprocessor control allows user programming, of up to ten programs, and can be set-up to run in constant voltage and constant current modes. Four gel chambers can be connected at any one time. An optional timer can be set to end the run and sound an alarm. Safety features include shrouded plugs and sockets, no load detection and ground leakage detection.


The new Clarit-E Mini-300 and Mini-500 power supplies, offer many of the benefits of the MIDI power pack, for the price of a MINI unit. With enhanced features, such as a maximum constant current output of 400mA, and constant voltage up to 300V or 500V. The Mini-300 is capable of running all Clarit-E horizontal electrophoresis systems and vertical mini gel units, either on a continuous run or timed setting of up to 999 minutes. The Mini-500 is also suitable to run the Mini Wide and Maxi Vertical units.

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