Faecal Immunochemical Test

Sample Collection

Convenience for Patients, Quality Test Results

One of the challenges in clinical diagnostics is the logistics of getting a quality sample from the patient to the laboratory for analysis.

For the detection of faecal haemoglobin (f-Hb), this is partly dependent on the technology to be employed. In the days of guaiac based faecal testing, samples were sent in traditional blue-capped “stool pots”. However, haemoglobin in native faeces is very unstable. It degrades rapidly at physiological and ambient temperatures. In passed faeces which contain digestive enzymes, bacteria and fungi, it will degrade even faster.

FIT employs a faecal sampling device used by the patient to directly collect their sample into a preservative solution, which improves sample integrity for faecal haemoglobin.


With the move to a more sensitive technology based on an immunoassay specific for human haemoglobin, it is vital to stabilise the haemoglobin present in the specimen collection device, prior to analysis, to protect it from degradation and maintain integrity.

Compared to the traditional card format triple guaiac-based faecal occult blood test, sampling for the HM-JACKarc FIT test is quick and hygienic. Only one faecal sample is required and is collected using a small collection device that is then re-sealed in it’s plastic vial ready for testing.

This process is more acceptable to users and as a result improves test uptake.


Advanced Sample Collection System

The EXTEL HEMO-AUTO MC Collection Picker is a dedicated collection device for patient faecal samples.

  • Easy to use sample device collects a consistent sample size across different faecal matter

  • Internal septum removes excess to provide a consistent sample size

    • 2mg of sample in 2ml of buffer  (ng/ml = µg Hb / g faeces)

  • Collection buffer stabilises the faecal sample haemoglobin

    • 120 days at 2-8°C (refrigerated)

    • 14 days at 25°C (ambient temp)

  • Screw in sampling stick is contained in a 95kPa compliant vial

  • Tamper seal and sample viewing window confirms usage and sample applied

  • Collection device is loaded directly onto the HM-JACKarc

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