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Egg Yolk allergen for use with BÜHLMANN CAST® ELISA and Flow CAST® assays 4 stimulations

Product code: BAG-F75

Pack Size: 4 Stims
CE Verified: CE IVD
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Product Information

BÜHLMANN CAST® Allergens are optimized for in vitro Basophil Activation using BÜHLMANN CAST® assays: CAST® ELISA (EK-CAST) and Flow CAST® (FK-CCR).
CAST® Protein allergens (hymenoptera venoms, inhalants food allergens, and environmental allergens) are delivered in liquid format (1 μl) The Food additives are delivered dry. Before use they are to be reconstituted / diluted with test specific Stimulation Buffer: CAST® ELISA: B-CAST-STB, Flow CAST®: B-CCR-STB. Add 250 μl Stimulation Buffer into the vial and vortex until the allergen (concentrated or dry) has completely dissolved. For some allergens additional dilution is recommended with Stimulation Buffer.
For stimulation of cells, use these dilutions according to the respective CAST® IFU.
Remark: Some individuals react positive either at high or at low allergen concentrations, whereas others react positive over a broad range of concentration.
Storage and Stability: Unopened CAST® Allergens are to be stored at the temperature specified on the label until to the expiration date.
Important: Reconstituted or diluted allergens must not be stored and used again! Exception: Reconstituted bee venom (BAG2-I1) and wasp venom allergen (BAG2-I3) are stable for 1 month at ≤-20 °C.
Optimal time period for stimulation tests: For optimal results, CAST® assays should be run between 3 and 12 weeks after an allergic reaction to the presumed allergen [Lit.8], although specific basophil reaction is often persistent over a longer time period. Blood samples must be drawn for CAST® assays before carrying out a skin test or in vivo provocation with the presumed allergen as in vivo exposure to an allergen can cause an activation of the leucocytes.
Limitations: A negative CAST® assay result for a specific allergen does not exclude potential (even serious) clinical symptoms. Individuals who developed „allergic“ reactions towards protein or drug allergens in the past and whose CAST® assay was negative, should thus be verified with additional methods like the in vivo provocation or skin test before a drug is administered or a patient is exposed to the allergen.
Concentrations and cut-off: Concentrations and cut-off of these allergen groups were optimized regarding maximum specificity und sensitivity. Concentrations to be used in the test and cut-off of individual allergens are reported in the specifications of the allergens. For Flow CAST®, BÜHLMANN recommends the application of the stimulation index (SI) as an additional diagnostic criterion. The SI is defined as the ratio of allergen specific basophil activation and background activation.
Remarks: In order to apply allergen specific cut-offs, QC criteria published in the CAST® instructions must be fulfilled. Cut-offs should serve only as recommendations. Clinically defined cut-offs should be established by each laboratory or through clinical studies.
Product Details:
Product code: BAG - F75
Content per vial: 25ng
Concentration in stim for CAST ELISA: 20ng/ml
Cut off for CAST ELISA: ≥ 200pg/ml
Concentration in stim for Flow CAST: 22.5ng/ml
Cut off for Flow CAST: ≥ 15%


  • Brand BÜHLMANN
  • Sterile N
  • CE Certified CE IVD
  • Warranty Period Standard Terms Apply
  • Is product classified as dangerous goods? No
  • Does the product contain latex? Unspecified
  • Shelf Life 1.5 years
  • Host NULL
  • Purity NULL
  • Application allergy testing
  • Form NULL
  • Specificity NULL
  • Species Reactivity NULL
  • Type NULL
  • Concentration 25ng
  • Marketed Grade NULL
  • Preparation Form frozen liquid

Storage Details

  • Pack Description 4 Stims
  • Shipping Condition Dry Ice
  • Storage Condition -20
  • Pack Length (m) 0.015
  • Pack Width (m) 0.015
  • Pack Height (m) 0.05
  • Pack Weight (kg) 0.00

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