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Beta Amyloid 42 ELISA kit Human rat plasma tissue culture medium tissue homogenate CSF Wako

Product code: 290-62601

Pack Size: 96Tests
CE Verified: Research Use Only
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Product Information

Human/Rat Beta Amyloid (42) ELISA produced by FUJIFILM Wako Chemical Corporation

Beta Amyloid protein is a major component of senile plaques. Beta Amyloid can exist as a 40 or 42 amino acid peptide which is produce by cleavage of the Amyloid Precursor protein by beta- or gamma-Secretase. The 42 amino acid form of Beta Amyloid is more prone to aggregate than the 40 a.a. form and initial beta amyloid deposition begins with beta Amyloid 42. Plaques that are positive for beta amyloid 42 but negative for beta amyloid 40 may represent early-stage diffuse type senile plaques, beta amyloid 40 positive plaques may appear in the advanced stage.
Reduced beta amyloid 42 in CSF and ratios of beta amyloid 42 to total beta amyloid have been described as diagnostic markers of Alzheimer's disease. This ELISA uses monoclonal antibody BNT77 which binds Beta Amyloid (11-28) and monoclonal antibody BA27 which specifically detects the C-terminal portion of Amyloid 1-42. This ELISA detects human or rat Beta Amyloid (1-42) but also Beta Amyloid 42 with a truncated or modified N-terminus.
Suitable for use with human plasma, tissue culture medium, tissue homogenate and CSF.

Kit contents:
Antibody coated Microtiter wells (Anti-Human Aβ(11-28) MAb Clone BNT77) 12x8 well strips
Human Aβ (1-42) Standard, 100pmol/L 2x2ml
Standard diluent 30ml
Wash solution concentrate (20X) 50ml
HRP-conjugated antibody (Anti-Human Aβ(35-43) MAb Clone BC05 Fab’-HRP 12ml
TMB Solution 12ml
Stop Solution 12ml
Plate seal 3 sheets

Sample volume : 100µl
Incubation times: Overnight at 4C, 1 h at 4C, 30 min room temperature
Dynamic range: 1.0-100 pmol/L
Cross-reactivity with Human Aβ(1-40) ≤0.1% and Aβ(1-43) 7.2%
Cross-reactivity with Rat (mouse) Aβ(1-40) ≤0.1%

Store at 2-4C.
For Research Use Only.


  • Brand FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals Europe GmbH – Lab Chem
  • Sterile N
  • CE Certified Research Use Only
  • Warranty Period Standard Terms Apply
  • Is product classified as dangerous goods? No
  • Does the product contain latex? Unspecified
  • Shelf Life NULL
  • Sensitivity 0.19 pmol/l
  • Application Quantification of Human Aβ (42) and truncated variants
  • Specificity 100.0%
  • Contents 12x8 antibody coated well strips, standard and diluent, wash buffer, HRP conjugate, TMB, Stop solution, Plate seals.
  • Time Required Overnight sample incubation, subsequent incubations of 1 h and 30 min

Storage Details

  • Pack Description 96Tests
  • Shipping Condition Direct
  • Storage Condition Special
  • Pack Length (m) 0.2
  • Pack Width (m) 0.15
  • Pack Height (m) 0.12
  • Pack Weight (kg) 0.00

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