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Fastrak® Tip Refill System

Fastrak Tip refills

Fastrak® is a unique, eco-friendly system for rapid refilling of racks with minimal packaging and waste. Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips


Tip Fit

Fastrak tips are designed to fit a wide range of pipettes, which simplifies tip sourcing for the laboratory. Each batch of tips is thoroughly tested on pipettes for which they are designed to be used - your assurance of accuracy and precision with your pipette, time after time.

Fastrak tips are compatible with a wide range of single and multi-channel pipettes including:

  • Sartorius (Biohit)
  • Gilson
  • Eppendorf
  • Thermo Finnpipette
  • Thermo Matrix
  • Rainin
  • Brand

Naturally, it is vital have a good tip fit for your particular pipette. However, the ability of a tip to fit a pipette can vary even for the same brand and model due to:

  • Wear and tear during use
  • Manufacturers using different tip cones in various geographic locations
  • New designs and improvements

The compatibility of our tips with new and existing models is checked on a regular basis.

Download a Copy of the Fastrak Tip Fit Guide

The best way is to for you to check before you buy. You can get the appropriate sample tips from us. Just call 0800 387732 or complete the online request form

Request a Sample of Fastrak Tips

For newcomers to Fastrak, we've introduced the Fastrak 10-Pack Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to be on course for an easier greener life.

“We’ve used all sorts of systems before, however Fastrak is the perfect combination for us. It’s very easy to use, good value and as we like to do our best for the environment, it’s eco-friendly features really help us to reduce our laboratory plastic waste”.

Kyla Chandler,Research Scientist, Southmead Hospital


Fastrak tip reload system is so good, I've been taking examples to other labs (I even took one home to show my husband).  It's ingeneous.  I've bought quite a few. I now use it almost exclusively"

Glasgow Royal Infirmary


Fastrak® is an ingenious, pipette tip refill system, designed to reduce waste, save time and help you lower your carbon footprint.
Compared with other refill systems, it is smaller, lighter and has less packaging.

  • Simple to use
  • Maximises storage space
  • Eco-friendly – 95% renewable packaging materials
  • Low packaging weight – reduces fuel used in transportation
  • BioPolymer base and vegetable-based printing inks
  • Uses quality Alpha tips made from 100% virgin polypropylene
  • Made using 30% Solar Power

Eco-Friendly & Space-saving

From an environmental standpoint, Fastrak goes significantly beyond any other refill system to reduce its carbon footprint.

The packaging weight and volume is minimised to reduce the fuel consumed in transportation and to facilitate storage in crowded labs. It is made from 95% renewable materials and the printing inks are all vegetable based. The supporting base of the tip refill tower is produced from corn starch and is the industry's first compostable, non-petroleum bio-plastic. All in all, Fastrak is the most eco-friendly tip refill system on the market.

In all environmental aspects, Fastrak excels. Compared to other popular refill systems, it is lighter, smaller and uses less packaging.
In addition, packaging is almost entirely renewable (95%) and far exceeds that of most popular brands.

Tip Refill Systems Pack Weight

Fastrak non-renewables comparison

Fastrak compared to other systems

  • Fastrak ® Tip Refill system

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    Instructions For Use

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  • Fastrak® and the Laboratree Scheme

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  • Fastrak® and ZAP™ Tip Fit Tables

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    Fastrak® and ZAP™ tips are designed to fit a wide range of pipettes

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  • Fastrak® Tip Refill System

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018


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Tip Racks

Fastrak refills many brands of pipette tip racks in addition to Alpha. The Alpha racks however have a host of benefits including a special, patented lock-down mechanism to hold the refill securely in place. Empty racks are available for direct filling.

 Fastrak rack features

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