Veterinary Diagnostics


With a strong heritage in clinical diagnostics Alpha Laboratories is invested in further supporting the veterinary market.

Here is a range of niche diagnostic kits that have already proved helpful to our existing veterinary customers. 


Total Bile Acids

The bile acid test helps to determine if the liver is functioning properly. It helps evaluate if enough healthy cells are present, if blood supply is adequate and if bile is appropriately moving through and out of the liver. Find out more

Third Party Controls for your ISO 15189
Quality Management System



Our mycology product range from IMMY includes a rapid Aspergillus Galactomannan lateral flow assay as a quick screening test, to immunodiffusion assays for further speciation. 


Aspergillus infection is found worldwide and in almost all domestic animals and birds as well as in many wild species. It is primarily a respiratory infection that may become generalised; however, tissue predilection varies among species. The most common forms are pulmonary infections in poultry and other birds; mycotic abortion in cattle; guttural pouch mycosis in horses; infections of the nasal and paranasal tissues, intervertebral sites, and kidneys of dogs; and sinonasal, sino-orbital, and pulmonary infection in domestic cats. Find out more


Cryptococcosis is a systemic fungal disease that may affect the respiratory tract (especially the nasal cavity), CNS, eyes, and skin (particularly of the face and neck of cats). The causal fungi, Cryptococcus neoformans and C gattii, exist in the environment and in tissues in a yeast form. Cryptococcosis is most common in cats but also is seen in dogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, birds, and wild animals. Find out more