Lupus Anticoagulation Testing

Lupus anticoagulants (LAs) are a type of antibody produced by the immune system. While most antibodies attack disease in the body, LAs attack healthy cells and cell proteins. They attack phospholipids, which are essential components of cell membranes. LAs are associated with an immune system disorder known as antiphospholipid syndrome.

LAs can increase the risk of blood clots. However, antibodies can be present and not lead to a clot. Roughly half of people with LAs also have the autoimmune disease lupus.

Multiple blood tests are required to determine if LAs are present. Repeat testing is also needed over time to confirm their presence. This is because these antibodies can appear with infections, but go away once the infection resolves.

Our LA products are designed to offer laboratories a range of testing methods for Lupus Anticoagulant (LA)

This enables the recommendation to use, “Two or more tests … to screen for LA before the diagnosis is excluded” to be met.
(Brandt JT, Triplet DA, Alving B, Scherrer I, Criteria for the Diagnosis of Lupus.)

Lupus Anticoagulant Testing Pathway

Hex LA Kit

Hexagonal Phase Phospholipids

Hexagonal phase phospholipids have been shown to have a superior immunogenic response to LA when compared to bilayer or lamellar phospholipids arrangements. Additionally, an integrated assay “weak” LA that prolongs clotting times above a patient’s baseline, but not above the RI, are more likely to be detected. In this situation, non-agreement between screen and confirm components of the test may reveal LA where a APTT based screening test alone would not.

This provides a testing algorithm with easy interpretation of positive results and less ambiguity around negative results.

Integrated Screen and Confirm

The CRYOcheck™ Hex LA kit satisfies all three testing criteria from CLSI and ISTH for LA diagnosis (Screening, Confirmatory, and Mixing tests). It is an integrated (screen and confirm) silica-based APTT assay and has been designed to work on many common automated coagulation analysers.

The Hex LA kit gives a simple, fast method for LA detection as part of a LA test panel. This allows the reagents to be loaded faster and report LA results with confidence.

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