Products You Can Count On

Alpha Laboratories’ partners in haemostasis provide a range of high quality equipment, reagents and speciality products.

These are becoming increasingly important with the advent of ISO 15189 laboratory accreditation. Using commercially available controls and calibrators that are treated exactly as patient samples means better and more realistic quality control.

Control/Reference Plasma
Plasma for the calibration of quantitative haemostasis assays.
Factor Deficient Substrates

Quality Solutions with Convenience

CRYOcheck™ Factor Deficient Plasmas are frozen, platelet-poor plasmas which are immunodepleted and assayed at less than 1% for the specific factor by functional and antigenic methods.

Factor VIII Testing

CRYOcheck™ Factor VIII Kits
Helping to Support the Management of Haemophilia

Factor IX Testing

The CRYOcheck™ Chromogenic Factor IX assay for the determination of factor IX activity in human plasma takes the complexity and mystery out of chromogenic factor testing.

Lupus Anticoagulation Testing
These products are designed to offer laboratories a range of testing methods for Lupus Anticoagulant (LA)
Platelet Aggregation Profiling

Bio/Data Corporation pioneered (LTA) Light Transmission Aggregometry for use in clinical settings, developing and enhancing numerous aggregometer models. 

Routine Screening Reagents
Thrombotic Assays

The CRYOcheck™ brand offers Protein S and Protein C assays.
All products are simple to use, designed to give you peace of mind and save time.