95kPa ADR Pouches with Absorbent

The 95kPa Flexible Secondary Pouch is the ideal solution for transporting sample containers where the pressure resistance is either unknown or not certified to be 95kPa compliant.  Absorbent included.

These road pouches carry full instructions and areas to write sender and recipient details, and check boxes for temperature requirements. They also carry a unique sequential barcoded number for easy package recognition.

The C5 and C4 road pouches have a document wallet on the reverse side. For security, the flexible secondary pouches include a tamper evident seal.  

The super absorbent sheets can be used with all types of packaging to help meet UN3373 regulations. The sheet remains intact even when completely wet, so is easy to remove if a spillage occurs.

In this way the pouches can be used to meet the UN3373 regulations P650 packaging instruction for transport of category B biological samples by road.